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Month: October 2020

An Astonishing Sight!

He is popularly known as a ruthless ruler. However, Kim Jong-un – the Supreme Leader of North Korea – has recently been seen shedding tears! In a rare first, he […]

A Matter Of Trust

The 75th General Assembly of the UN remained mostly banal this year. Most of the lectures, meetings, and seminars were held online; as the Heads of the Member-States addressed those […]


The COVID-19 Pandemic has not only triggered health hazards across the globe, but also has quite an impact on Democracy. Immediately after the outbreak of Coronavirus worldwide in January-February 2020, […]


Trams in the Eastern Indian city of Kolkata form the only operating tram network in the country and the oldest operating electric tram in Asia, running since 1902. The Calcutta […]

Significance Of Insignificant Thoughts

The idea of Economy held by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (October 2, 1869 – January 30, 1948) – it may be said – deviated significantly from the mainstream ideas. Those, who […]

Life, Love & Death!

In a letter to one of his friends, he had mentioned that his fiancée's name on the envelope used to upset him. He did not even open the last letter received from his lover before leaving this world. His letters to his sweetheart were published 57 years after his demise. The Global Community is all set to mark his 225th Birth Anniversary in October 2020!

Desire Of The Other Sort

There often lies a notion that the sexual desire in case of women tends to decrease with their age. However, that is not entirely correct! After carrying out a survey […]


US President Donald Trump has reaffirmed UN arms embargo on Iran! With this move, new sanctions have also been imposed on groups and individuals who support Iran’s nuclear, missile and […]

Link Established & Seal-ed…

A ring, quite similar to the one worn by the First Emperor of Ancient Rome Augustus Caesar or Octavian (September 23, 63 BC – August 19, 14 AD), has recently […]