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Month: October 2020

A ‘Fishy’ Affair!

As per the UN data, the COVID-19 Pandemic has, so far, claimed more than a million lives. However, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – the Director General of World Health Organisation […]

The Newsmakers!

Since 2017, the Global Community has been observing the World News Day on September 28 in an attempt to raise awareness of the critical role played by journalists in providing […]

A Strategic Signal?

The Global Times recently posted a fiery editorial, accusing the US of preparing a drone attack on the islands claimed by China as its own in the South China Sea. […]

Getting On One’s Nerves

It is often mentioned in a bantering fashion that the Leaders in Opposition are either arrested or killed in Russia. Incumbent Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny made such a comment on […]