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The Newsmakers!

Since 2017, the Global Community has been observing the World News Day on September 28 in an attempt to raise awareness of the critical role played by journalists in providing credible and reliable news, and to help people be aware of the rapidly changing world. In the Era of Fake News, this observation is not only essential, but also required fast for all. Nowadays, the media and the journalists are facing bigger and critical challenges. The media, called the Fourth Pillar of Democracy, have always been an important institution. The media are widely considered as the Patron of Logic and Freedom, as they encourage people to break the chain.

So far, the media have managed to influence the Social Structure in many countries in a positive manner, by guiding the marginalised people to the right track, honouring the achievers, highlighting the injustice and upholding the Dignity of Justice. Due to this, traversed by the media has quite often been very risky and dangerous! As the media have the power to lead from the front, they are against maintaining the status quo. The media also wage a war against the backward force. Where Democracy is weak; editors, journalists and photojournalists are harassed and abused on a regular basis. As the year 2020 is experiencing a pandemic and the rise of Authoritarianism, news and journalism are facing a deep crisis… Rulers are well aware of the fact that the journalists can have a great impact on the human mind!

If this vast canvass of the term is the reason to celebrate the World News Day today, then the goal is to remind people that it is not just journalists’ duty to prevent attacks on the media, but it is also the responsibility of the society to do so. The responsibility of the readers or viewers is immense, especially when the real piece of news deals with fake news items. Readers should realise the fact that the evil forces have started spreading lies through the media in order to mislead the society.

A Journalist from India has recently been jailed under the Sedition Act. With a little consideration, it could be understood that the issue here is not about news, but about Politics. Even if there is something wrong in the piece of news, it cannot be an act of treason! As news can empower people, it is deemed important to suppress the media… this is called Politics. This sort of Politics could upset the Free World in the absence of Conscious Social Guard

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