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The Show Goes On…

It is being seen that bigger plays generally get enacted behind the veil, which is termed Diplomacy! This is a fact, as far as the current Sino-Indian ties are concerned. Although the Armed Forces of the two neighbouring Asian countries have engaged in clashes near the borders in recent times; the real clash is taking place elsewhere… in a closed-door meeting in a different city. This fierce rivalry between China and India has been created by the participation of other countries. China has always had an expertise in covert diplomatic exchanges, while India is lagging behind in this regard. Even the hard-core Nationalists would have to admit that India has not been able to achieve much in the World of Diplomacy in last seven years. A Quad axis has recently been formed with the participation of four countries in order to counter the Global Influence of China. Experts are of the opinion that India, Japan, Australia and the US could play an important role in the Polarised World, acting together. Notably, there is only one common factor between the interests of these four countries: An anti-China sentiment!

South China Sea

The inspiration to form the Quad has come from the South China Sea. In fact, the extent to which China’s commercial and military occupation has reached in this region; it has caused the annoyance of these four countries. Except India, the other three members of the Quad are worried about the South China Sea! India’s main concerns are the border tension with China and Beijing’s secret dealings with neighbouring Pakistan. India has been worried since the launch of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in 2017, as the project has increased the potential for Chinese surveillance on India’s economic and diplomatic affairs. With the Armed Forces of the two countries clashing in the Ladakh region in 2020, it is even clearer why India needs to strike an economic deal with China, as well to boost its ties with other countries. From that point of view, India’s participation in a new international axis is important. Keeping in mind the successive failures of foreign policy under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regime, the formation of the Quad is, undoubtedly, a rare success!

Sino-Indian Disputed Areas

It is not always easy to work together with other powers. During the recent Quad meeting, the US has hinted that Washington DC would safeguard India’s interest by putting China under diplomatic pressure! The COVID-19 Pandemic has provided the US with a golden opportunity to stir up anti-Chinese sentiment. Although the China Policy to be followed by the US will depend on the outcome of the upcoming US Presidential Elections, one can assume that the US will never prepare its policy towards China after considering India’s interests. India should remain cautious to establish the fact that China is not its enemy, but rival, in terms of Global Geopolitics. There is no long-term benefit for India in case of a Military or Economic Conflict with China… Again, India would experience extensive damage in the short-term! Hence, it is important for India to play the Diplomatic Cards in a calculative way.

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