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Online Availability!

The US had spent a large amount of dollars to catch him… however, he is available online for just USD 20! Well, Saddam Hussein – the former President of Iraq – is getting sold on a US online shopping site. Screenshots of such an advertisement have recently gone viral on the Social Media. Even, the trending of this piece of information started on Twitter last week. Interestingly, what one gets to think now may not be entirely true…

This confusion has been created by an advertisement of a product on the online shopping site Wish. The advertisement uses an image of Saddam Hussein that was clicked after the ruler was captured by the forces of his Opposition Coalition in Iraq. In the image, Saddam’s face is covered with huge beard, mustache, and untidy hair, as the ruler is wearing a black dress.

In fact, the online site is selling posters of Saddam Hussein! And, the prices of two different sizes of posters are USD 23.68 and USD 60.76. The matter will become clear as soon as one goes through the description. Wish has clearly mentioned in the description that T-shirts, with Saddam’s image on them, are also available on its website. However, only the screenshots of Saddam’s image, without the description of Wish products, have apparently left the Netizens confused.

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