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Deutschmark: Setting A Benchmark!

The entire world is possibly getting an interpretation of the New Normal, as the COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the Global Community… Well, the Europeans are eager to get back to their usual rhythm. However, the ensuing economic downturn has posed a major threat. The European Stock Markets are also in a state of House Arrest because of the Lockdown! In such a situation, Germany has announced a package of projects to revive the country’s industrial sector. The announcement triggered a rise in share prices in the European Stock Markets last week.

Trade has been stalled for a long time across the Globe. The pandemic has badly hit the Tourism Industry and businesses related to this sector. After considering the situation, Germany – one of the largest economies in Europe – recently announced 19 relief packages! The Angela Merkel Administration said in a statement that the people would receive all sorts of support as long as the situation remained the same. The Government of Germany assured people that it would try to create more job opportunities in the coming months. According to the statement, financial assistance would be provided to small and medium enterprises till the end of 2020. Earlier, the large corporations – such as BMW, Volkswagen and Deutsche Lufthansa – confirmed that they would not lay off their employees…

The situation is far better in Germany than other European countries. So far, the Coronavirus has claimed around 9,000 lives in the country. Some people have been detected positive very recently, there. Berlin has issued a travel warning to 180 countries outside Europe for the Germans till September 14…

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