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Well, one can find the impression of anxiety in someone’s hand-writing, while the second one’s writing is directionless, and the third one’s writing is overly sensitive! Graphologists have found all these, while conducting a study on hand-writings in COVID-19 affected India. They have revealed the fact after studying pre- and post-pandemic hand-writings of about 200 people, aged between 22 and 62. The Graphologists are of the opinion that the overall hand-writing has changed in recent times, as most of the people have too confused about their future. It is evident in their hand-writings that their respective mental condition has tended to get deteriorated…

Lead Researcher Mohan Basu has mentioned that when a person’s Biological Ego comes in contact with the Outside World, it is for a certain purpose. The purpose can be small or big… in other words, one can be ambitious, while the other can be satisfied with an ordinary life. Even, going to a place from her/his residence can be considered as a purpose! Meanwhile, the COVID-19 has hit that purpose badly. “No matter what the writing-style is, if one has a specific purpose or goal, the direction of that person’s hand-writing should be straight. However, a person can’t write straight, if s/he is influenced by the surrounding situation. Then, the hand-writing takes a curved and complex shape. It happens in the present situation,” stressed Basu.


Some of the Graphologists opine that there is nothing called hand-writing at all… actually, it is brain-writing. Because, it is the brain that decides the style of hand-writing, and of the letters. Most importantly, hand-writing and signature depend on a person’s mental state, and also on the surrounding conditions. When the situation changes, the hand-writing, too, changes. However, the current changes in people’s hand-writings are a completely different issue. The Graphologists have found an impression of sensitivity in human hand-writings at the present times. And, it is reflected in people-to-people relationships, and even among members of the same family! “Excessive sensitivity is found in human hand-writings, regardless of their age. People are trying hard to overcome this problem. But, they fail in most cases,” insisted Basu.

For his part, Clinical Graphologist Swapan Kumar Chandra said: “The hand-writing of a person may be different on the same day, depending upon her/his mood. So, there is a huge change in people’s hand-writings these days because of the pandemic.

As per the study, the pandemic has failed to make much of an impression on the hand-writings of only a handful of people. Incidentally, all of them are above 60 years of age! One of them said: “I don’t go outside. So, I don’t have the fear of getting infected. Usually, I spend most of the day writing and studying.” The other one is a doctor. He stressed: “I know one thing… this situation will not exist. The bad time will pass.

There is no certainty as to when the crisis will over. However, will the change, brought by COVID-19 in people’s hand-writings, last? That, too, is uncertain, say Graphologists. The old style of a person’s hand-writing may return, if the situation improves. And those, who would go on living with this trauma, would not get back their old ways…

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