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The Strife!

The Black Lives Matter Movement still makes the headlines. Although the issue is a bit subdued due to COVID-19 pandemic, its effect is still there in the US, and other parts of the world. It has already become a global movement, and a new experience in the contemporary world. Efforts had been made in the past in order to stop the oppression and exploitation of the so-called Coloured People, and to ensure Equal Rights, Social Justice and Financial Security for them. George Floyd is not the only one killed by State… there are so many of them who have not been protected by the State. Despite the fact, the death of this young man has prompted many to stage protests in different US and European cities!

The movement has, so far, received huge support. Still, there is another issue… some say that the Black Lives Matter Movement has triggered a war between the Whites and the Blacks! In the name of Justice and Human Rights, the movement is fuelling Racism or Racial Warfare! The question arises here is: whether the spirit of this movement, like other movements in the past, will slowly get faded in near future. A Democratic Movement should have the continuity, as just a spontaneous reaction is not enough to achieve its goal. People usually stage protests in the immediate aftermath of an event. It is basically an outcome of instant excitement. However, the success of a Mass Movement depends in its persistence. Else, the movement cannot influence the Society in the future. In the US, Martin Luther King (Jr) led a Civil Rights Movement in the past. When Barack Obama became the first Black President, he got the support of the Constitution, Law and above all, the Public Opinion! These examples allow the Global Community to expect that the Black Lives Matter Movement would achieve its goal.

The killing of George Floyd

Mass Will is not the sole determining factor, here. The active participation of the citizens in protecting the Democratic Culture is also important. This Activism keeps a close eye on whether his fellow citizens are enjoying equal Financial and Social Justice, or whether s/he is being discriminated against because of his Caste, Race or Nationality, or whether the State or the Society is making her/his life difficult. The opinion of the Majority often negates Justice, while concentrating on Discipline or Stability. Hence, people of different colours, races and social backgrounds fail to get Justice. The US should take care of these issues. The same is applicable for the people of other countries, including India…

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