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The Geopolitics Of Coronavirus

The outbreak of Coronavirus has helped us realise the impact of Globalisation! In the post-WWII period, not a single development, including epidemic, pandemic or 9/11, prompted the Global Community to think about one particular issue… Perhaps, the Social Media had a big role behind it. However, the emergence of the Social Media has changed the impact of a pandemic in the contemporary world.

Behind all these, another incident is taking place, and that too… silently, and, it is difficult to observe the incident through naked eyes. Perhaps, one could realise that after the end of the ongoing crisis. Well, it’s the Ultra-Right & Ultra-Nationalist Politics! The Coronavirus outbreak has prompted various nations to shut their doors to others. Basically, it is an attempt to save our internal souls by snapping ties with the external world, temporarily. That is what everyone should do in times of crisis in order to save themselves. However, the problem is that the Political Society makes some negative moves while making this positive move! It seems that the politicians are trying to make some political scores so that they could use them later. A Majority of the modern-day politicians tries to trigger a conflict between the inner and outer selves in order to stay in power. This semi- or fully- un-warranted conflict helps them exercise the authority! The new global crisis, Coronavirus seems to have strengthened this genre of politics.

US President Donald Trump is a fine example of this particular genre of politics. He has claimed that a foreign virus has endangered his country! The person, who initially underestimated the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak, has asked his countrymen not to cross the Atlantic for at least one month due to the foreign virus. Interestingly, his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is using the term Wuhan virus, and not Coronavirus! It is an intentional move in order to establish the fact that China is supplying the virus to the Global Community! Republican Senator Tom Cotton, popularly known as a close aide of President Trump, has declared that the US would teach a lesson to those “who inflicted it on the world“!

President Trump

The common Americans must rely on these comments, as to consider themselves as the Most Powerful is a common problem for the Americans! During a crisis, the Americans usually try to identify a foreign enemy. They don’t believe that the US may face a crisis without any conspiracy. As President Trump has successfully created an anti-China attitude among his countrymen, the outbreak of Coronavirus would certainly pay dividends to him during the upcoming Presidential Election (to be held in November). Although some are of the opinion that the Coronavirus would hit the US Economy hard, thus, creating troubles for the President ahead of the election, history suggests that the desperate people look for a foreign enemy at the time of crisis, and don’t blame their own administration. Therefore, this particular trend of politics will ultimately take shelter in Ultra-rightism, helping the ruler hide his mistakes.

China is no exception. President Xi Jinping has rightly realised that it is a golden opportunity for him to cement his position at the top! Despite the fact that his administration failed to take pre-cautionary measures in time in order to avoid the disaster, the Chinese President visited Wuhan immediately after the situation was brought under control. The main aim behind the visit was to show his Administration’s efficiency in quickly tackling a crisis situation. China also sent medical equipment to Europe, especially to Italy and Spain, in an attempt to highlight its global responsibility! Unlike the US, China has not shut its doors to the foreigners. Senior spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian recently said that Beijing knew who was responsible for this disaster! Indirectly, he accused the US Forces of triggering the global crisis.

President Xi Jinping.jpg
President Xi Jinping

Although it is difficult to predict who would emerge the winner in this diplomatic battle over the pandemic, the European countries are not at all happy with steps taken by the Trump Administration. Europe has strongly criticised the US for shutting its doors to the Europeans. According to experts, the deteriorating Europe-US ties will certainly allow China to become a friend of Europe in the coming years.

On the other hand, when Russia is considered, President Vladimir Putin is trying hard to become a King! At a time when the Coronavirus outbreak has paralysed normal life in major parts of Europe, President Putin is tightening his grip on power. The Russian strongman has hinted that it would not be possible for crisis-hit Europe and the US to pose a threat to his country at this juncture. He has also claimed that Russia is providing the world with stability during the crisis situation. In other words, Kremlin can do anything in the name of National Security, now.

President Putin.jpg
President Putin

Just like a virus, some dangers cannot be seen in naked eyes. The character of the authoritarian politics is similar to that of a deadly virus. Perhaps, the Coronavirus has elevated that ailing Global Geopolitics to a dangerous level!

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