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Take A Clear Stand…

The Year 2020 has, so far, not been a very good year for the United States of America, and its President Donald Trump, both internally and externally. Political attacks and counter-attacks have been taking place over and over again in recent times, which have put the White House under quite a bit of diplomatic pressure. Since the demise of Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian Major General in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and Jamal Ja’far Muhammad Ali Al Ibrahim, the Iraqi politician and Military Commander, by targeted US drone strikes at Baghdad International Airport, the shadow of war has covered the world…
These developments are unusual, as the US is gearing up for the Presidential Elections, to be held later this year. It is to be noted that President Trump had made some moves earlier in 2019 that resulted in the deterioration of the US-Iran ties. The US had not only announced its withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) also known as the Iran nuclear deal, but also refused to allow a top Iranian diplomat to visit the UN office in New York, called the Iranian Armed Forces ‘Terrorists‘ and killed Major General Soleimani… as if it is a script of a movie.

US Protest.jpg

In retaliation, Iran killed 80 US soldiers in missile attacks. Perhaps, Iran fell into the US’ trap. Because… the US could make it an excuse to build new military bases in West Asia… or to declare war against Iran. In such a situation, a huge anti-war rally in the US has brought some hope to the Global Community. Interestingly, thousands of people have taken part in the rally, spontaneously.
It is an open secret that the US’ main focus is on the oil fields in West Asia. The ongoing political tension has already triggered a rise in the global oil price! President Trump recently announced that Washington would need no one for oil. He also commented on the deadly weapons in his arsenal. People already have started wondering a pit the consequences if the US sets up military bases during the shadow war, or makes an attempt to take control of the Iranian oil fields. Indeed, the US may take necessary steps to ensure its military supremacy in West Asia at any time…

President Trump & President Rouhani.jpg
President Trump & President Rouhani

Electoral Politics is different from issue-based politics… it can change any equation. That’s why the Democrats in Opposition, just like the ruling Republicans, have started describing Major General Soleimani as a terrorist! Surprisingly(?), the UN still maintains silence even after the murder of a top Army official of a sovereign country! However, the Americans have broken the silence. Various anti-war organisations, like Act Now to Stop War and End Racism Coalition (ANSWER ), Revolution Club Chicago and Code Pink, have made their stand clear on the deteriorating US-Iran relations. They have raised the slogan: ‘Whose Streets? Our Streets… What Do We Want? No war!
The protesters have also recalled the era of Saddam Hussein, saying that both the Republicans and the Democrats had backed the Gulf War (code-named ‘Operation Desert Shield‘) during the early 1990s. The Americans believe that Democrats may also back President Trump’s decision to declare a war against Iran this time! The Trump Administration has already started identifying Iranian families living in the US. At this juncture, the people of the US have decided to stage protests against the Government’s move. They have warned the Government not to use ‘War against Iran‘ as a poll gimmick to buy their votes.


This is not the time to keep our mouths shut or to advise both the parties to show restraint. It is the time to take a side… a clear stand.

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