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Decline Of Democracy…

The present state of Democracy, globally, does not look hopeful… in fact, it is deteriorating! After carrying out a survey in 165 countries, a renowned British magazine on economics has published about the Indicators of Democracy. The magazine publishes those indicators on the basis of five yardsticks – the electoral process and pluralism, the Government policies, opportunity to participate in the political process, political culture and civil liberties – each year. As per the 14th annual Democracy Index published in the last week of January 2020 by the Economist Intelligence Unit (an arm of the Britain-based company that publishes the magazine Economist), Total Democracy exists in just 22 countries, where just over 5% of the members of the global population reside!
The US, which had lost its status in 2016, is still occupying its place in Flawed Democracies category in the latest report. Like previous years, India has been considered as a Defective Democracy, dropping steadily compared to other countries to secure the 51st position! The main reason behind India’s fall are recent attacks on freedom of speech and civil liberties. Experts believe that the ongoing political tension in Kashmir, Assam and other parts of the South Asian nation has affected the democratic system, there. According to experts, the Government policies, and the performance of the Police and Administration have failed to meet the expectations. In India, a huge portion of the manpower is being wasted to oppose the Government! It is quite natural that the country would perform badly, as far as the Indicators of Democracy are concerned, in such a situation.


Democracy is on the decline across the globe. China and other South Asian Nations’ poor show continues, as well. The Latin American and African countries, too, have failed to strengthen the democratic system. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for this is the failure of Capitalism in distributing the wealth equally among the majority of people. For the last four decades, the Capitalist Economy has maintained a steady growth… the capital has also grown… however, the remuneration of the employees has not increased that much. As most of the wealth has been concentrated in the hands of a few, the standard of living of the majority of people has deteriorated. Democracy has failed to prevent this inequality from destabilising the economy by the electoral politics, governance or the Rule of Law. As a result, people have started losing faith in Democracy and Liberalism!

A Tough Job?
People feel the bitterness of deprivation… but, the cause is not clear to many of them. It is an open secret that the nexus between the politicians and business leaders deprives people from enjoying the basic facilities. Still, the politicians fool the people by making different communities or foreigners responsible for this situation. Some nations are trying to follow the old pattern of social domination in an attempt to regain their former status. Such a move is undermining the idea of equality of all, irrespective of their ethnic, cultural and religious identities.
A section of people has already expressed doubt over the benefit of using the veil of Democracy… perhaps, Poland, Hungary and Turkey have the answer, as Autocracy has replaced Democracy in these countries. Now: Are the people of these countries enjoying freedom? Are their administrations more sensitive towards the citizens? Is the quality of life better, there? No! The public interests are neglected in those countries.

Demo Index.jpg

Certainly, Democracy has so many problems… however, it has also tasted success. In the last four decades, there has been an increase in the rate of life expectancy, quality of education, and rate of poverty alleviation in the democratic countries. Therefore, there is a lot of strength in Democracy. Of course, a weak Democracy creates a lot of problems. However, a strong Autocracy is even more dangerous!
It is high time for the Global Community to take lessons from Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and other highly ranked countries in this regard…

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