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A Planned Disaster!

The secret, leaked earlier this week, has stunned the Global Community. The Government of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro had given a contract, worth USD 6.5 trillion, to a company for setting the Amazon Rainforest on fire!!!
Earlier, people across the world were sure that it was not a mere forestfire. However, they did not have concrete evidences… it was just a speculation. A Brazilian Daily has reported that BlackRock, a forestry-investment company, received the money for destroying the rainforest! The Daily claimed that US President Donald Trump, too, was involved in this crime!

Soon after the daily revealed the secret, environmentalists blasted President Bolsonaro and his US counterpart Trump for committing the crime only to boost business. It is not a secret that the Amazon Rainforest has a huge reserve of mineral oils. President Bolsonaro had hinted in 2018, that he would set up factories in that region, and the US president welcomed the former’s decision! That is why President Trump has made no comments on Amazon fire so far despite knowing the fact that the area, which produces around 20% of the oxygen consumed by the world, was on fire!

President Bolsonaro

Indeed, it is quite a conspiracy against the Mother Nature, as BlackRock systematically destroys the Amazon Rainforest only to explore an opportunity to capture the reserve of mineral oils and other products there. As per the data collected between 2014 to 2018, only three of top 25 companies, such as BlackRock, revealed the names of their shareholders in their annual report. The Daily further reported that BlackRock has earned nearly USD 500 million in the last five years by selling soya, beef, palm oil, rubber, wood and paper pulps produced in the Amazon region! These companies can go to any length in order to maximise their profits…

President Trump

Jeff Contant, the Chief of International Forest Department Management, said that BlackRock’s main interests were: to setting the Amazon Rainforest on fire, and to destroying jungles in different parts of the world! As it has become evident that Brazilian President Bolsonaro, and the US are (jointly) responsible for this artificial disaster, the businessmen-politicians nexus will definitely try to destroy forests in other parts of the globe! Recently, a fire broke out in African forests. It seems that there are many Bolsonaros who are determined to reap profits from forestfire!
The Global Community will have to fight hard against the Political Society in order to ensure justice for all the species alive, in this world!

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