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The present Political Situation in Hong Kong reminds us of what had happened in Tiananmen Square, three decades ago… people – from Government Service Holders to Students – have taken to the streets, paralysing normal life in the region that is still under the rule of China! They are staging protests against a special Extradition Law passed by Beijing. As per the Law, Hong Kong will have to hand over its suspicious citizens to China, and the Chinese Judiciary would deliver justice to them. As expected, the people of Hong Kong not only want Beijing to scrap the law, but also want freedom from the Asian Giant! Meanwhile, China has sent Armed Forces to Hong Kong in an attempt to ensure Peace! With this move, China has showcased its military might, and also sent a strong message to Hong Kong that Beijing is not ready to accept autonomy (for Hong Kong)!

Hong Kong Police.jpg
Hong Kong Police draw guns, roll out water cannons in latest protest…

The Year is not 1989, but 2019… the character of the Global Geopolitics has changed in the last 30 years. Beijing might have thought that they could suppress the people of Hong Kong by using force, but it is not possible for any country to forcibly dominate the mass! It is because, nothing is ‘secret’ in today’s world. If something happens even in an Authoritarian Nation, like China, the Global Community will certainly get informed. The media are waiting for news, and people are very much active on the Social Media! It was quite easy for Beijing to hide the exact number of deaths in Tiananmen Square… but, it cannot hide much today. States, as well as people, are too much connected now-a-days.
Of course, evil forces are also present in the world… as racial and religious hatred claim so many lives in different part of the globe, and also prompt the Global Geopolitics to take a new turn. Yet, what the Global Community has achieved in the last three decades is the openness in Political and Social Life. Now, the average people have access to a lot of information, and that is their weapon! This information helps them wage a war against Authoritarianism…

China has already called the democratic protests in Hong Kong as terrorist activities, describing protesters as unscrupulous and violent criminals. And, this news, too, has reached other countries. China is facing this reality, now. It is not possible for any country in the modern world to practice Authoritarianism in the pretext of Democracy. And, the people will not allow any STATE to do that… modern people are accountable to raise questions against oppression!

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