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Stripped Right Off The Comic Strip…

It is said that entire Europe was under the control of Julius Caesar at that time… no one had the courage or strength to stop the mighty Emperor. During that period, Caesar planned to conquer a state near Galad (or Gaul) in Western Europe. Although the Roman Empire managed to bring the entire region under his control, he failed to conquer one village… because of Asterix, who used to dwell in that village!
The Romans reportedly fought many a war against Asterix in 50 BC, but it became extremely difficult for Caesar to defeat Asterix, as the latter had a magical potion with him! He used to gain a huge amount of strength by consuming that stuff!

Julius Caesar.jpg
Julius Caesar

We thoroughly enjoy going through the French comic book series ‘Asterix’ by Albert Uderzo, René Goscinny and Jean-Yves Ferri, as we love to know about the Adventures of Asterix and his friend, Obelix… Usually, comics characters are somewhat loosely based on real-life characters. Surprisingly, such a character has become a real presence in Britain!
Experts have recently found evidences of the presence of Asterix in a tomb near a building site in Western Sussex! After examining the tomb, they have come to the conclusion that the person might have been an European warrior who had arrived in Britain in around 50 BC to fight Caesar. Experts also recovered a crown and a sword from the tomb. It is to be noted that the tomb of the Iron Age warrior was found during an excavation in front of the Berkeley Homes Housing Development in Bersted, Sussex in 2008. The researchers have decided to display the real-life Asterix at the Novium Museum in Chichester in 2020!


According to Archaeologists, the tombs of other warriors found in England are not as well-decorated as this one. They preserved the body and weapons of this Asterix first, and then, conducted their research. They took a couple of years to preserve the body and other materials, before carrying out various archaeological studies in the tomb.
The grave was found during excavations ahead of a Berkeley Homes housing development in North Bersted in 2008.
It really is absolutely a unique find in the British Isles and in the wider continent,” said Dr Melanie Giles, the Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Manchester. She added: “We don’t have another burial that combines this quality of weaponry and Celtic art with a date that puts it around the time of Caesar’s attempted conquest of Britain.” Dr Giles further said: “We will probably never know his name, what we know from the Archaeology is that he is either someone from Eastern England who may have gone and fought with the Gauls, which we know were a problem for Caesar, as they were allies with the French, helping them with their struggle against him.

Part of the headdress from the helmet belonging to a real-life Asterix resistance fighter against the Romans that has been discovered on a West Sussex building site.

Dr Giles believes that the real-life Asterix might be a Frenchman who had fled the conflict, and then provided rebels with strategic and tactical advice. “Also, he brings with him his kit, extraordinary weaponry, a beautiful sword which is not like the swords we have, a new technology, style and design and helmet which is absolutely unique,” insisted the Senior Lecturer.

The sword.jpg
The sword belonging to the mystery warrior.

The Archaeologists made an attempt to conjecture about the height and physical appearance of the real-life Asterix from his helmet or the crown. His appearance was very much different from the appearance of the original Asterix as portrayed in the comics. Most probably, his body was huge… perhaps because of the climate and food habits. His grave, too, was highly decorated.

Dr Giles.jpg
Dr Giles with the helmet

James Kenny, Chichester District Council’s Archaeologist, is of the opinion that the mystery warrior could have been a military leader for King Commius who fled France after fighting Caesar. “Due to the richness of the finds within the grave, we believe that the mystery warrior held one of the most prestigious roles in the country. This is one of the most exceptional finds in this particular Archaeological period and is of international significance,” he said.


Although the Archaeologists have found the grave of real-life Asterix, they have made it clear that the warrior had no magical stuff with him that helped him gain strength. Also, he was not from the village near Galad (or Gaul). Those are just fantasies, which helped the French comics series in gaining so much popularity!

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