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Optimising Human Productivity…

After spending an entire day at office, people would like to return to their respective homes in the evening in order to enjoy a few precious hours with their family members… Perhaps, the dinner table is the ideal place to spend quality time with the near and dear ones! It would have been great, if the office goers give more time to their family without taking any pressure at work stations! If one would really want to enjoy such a work- environment, s/he would have to visit Denmark, as the Scandinavian country maintains a Healthy Work Culture


Danes are very sincere people, as they give utmost importance to their jobs. So, their work culture is completely different. The work environment in Denmark is widely considered as the best one in the world. Various studies have revealed that the Danes give great importance to time and utilise their working hours accordingly. They do not take part in business meetings and visit offices on Saturdays, Sundays and also on National Holidays…


Currently, people enjoy a five-week vacation per year in Denmark, and the Danes usually take a three-week leave during their children’s summer vacation! Equality and tolerance are the two main characteristics of the work environment that reflect the Danish culture. The work environment help the Danes perform their duties in a perfect manner.


If a person loses her/his job, then s/he receives support from the Government. The Government of Denmark provides a jobless person with 90% of her/his (last received) monthly salary for the next two years. The financial support allows the person to prepare her/himself to get a suitable job. The people of Denmark can also provide better education to their children. They do not have to take study loans for their children, as pupils can study in kindergartens, schools and universities free of cost!


Denmark works the shortest hours in Europe… seven and half hours a day! The majority of the employees leave their office at 4:30pm (local time). However, their productivity (per hour) is very high as compared to other European nations.
Denmark is one of the happiest nations in the world! This is also an ideal country for doing businesses, and the business leaders have always helped the Government maintain a healthy work environment in the Scandinavian country.


The Global Community should learn from Denmark how to maintain a world-class work environment and also from the Danes how to utilise ‘working hours’, in a proper fashion…

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