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A Point Of No Return

The Great Britain, currently reeling under a series of crises, is all set to face a new one – with outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May planning to quit as the leader of the Conservative Party! The Party will have to find May’s successor as soon as possible in order to alleviate the Brexit process. The latest crisis is closely related to the previous ones, as her successor will have to take the responsibility of Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU)!
Around 124,000 members of the Conservative Party are surely tensed, as the Brexit issue has not only divided the nation, but also the Party. The relationship between the two parties (pro-Brexit and anti-Brexit) has turned too sour, and this division may have detrimental effects on the British social structure. The House of Commons has made the issue a complex one, by making it clear that it would never accept a ‘No-Brexit Deal’! Inevitably, the Britons have started questioning London’s plan to leave the 28-member European bloc. Experts are of the opinion that it will become increasingly difficult for Britain to exit from the EU….


The Theresa May Administration had committed a mistake by holding the Referendum on Brexit, without fixing the next steps. Britain, still, has hardly a plan for future (or post-Brexit period), seemingly. Prior to this issue, PM May had said that Britain would require more Foreign Investment to generate employment opportunities after Brexit, apart from encouraging Research and Education sectors! However, the lack of comprehensive planning has triggered a fresh tension among the Britons, as they know that they will have to face crises in the job-market, after Britain’s divorce from the EU….
Many British Nationals started to believe that Brexit would help their country control the flow of immigrants, thus, creating more job opportunities for them… This anti-immigrant psychology influenced the outcome of the Referendum in favour of Brexit! One of the main goals of the EU is to ensure free movements of the citizens of Member States throughout the bloc, and a large section of the British Civil Society is against this move, as a number of Britons do not want to entertain much influx of immigrants! Whether they get jobs or not, Britons probably want to put a stop to the arrival of Foreign nationals in the UK. Prime Minister May, being one of them, was overwhelmed with the outcome of Brexit Referendum! For her, it was a victory of a personal nature!

New Blue Passport.jpg
New Blue Passport

That may be stated as the reason why PM May faces a ‘personal defeat’, three years after the Referendum. Now, she is all set to quit as Prime Minister. In the last three years, the Britons have realised that it would be a mistake for their country to leave the EU. However, Britain is in no position to make a ‘volte-face‘! It has become increasingly difficult for the British Government to boost the National Economy. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has triggered a wave in the British society with a slogan that he would bring a revolution in Britain. Perhaps, the Labour leader knows that it is not possible for him to do that. Even the Conservative Party can’t bring a change in Britain by choosing a new leader.
Britain will remain in its form of crisis, for now… The Global Community can learn a lesson, or two from it. Firstly, vote (or Referendum) is a dangerous thing… as it has some ‘direct’ or ‘indirect’ hazards. Secondly, it is good to cast one’s vote only after considering future consequences, minutely…

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