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Brexit & The Irish Ire

The beautiful world has lost another investigative journalist, yet again, this time in Northern Ireland!
The 29-year-old Lyra McKee, who was shot dead during a night of rioting in Londonderry on April 18, seemingly used to believe in Service before Self, much like some of her committed colleagues…

Lyra McKee

The actions of rioters paralysed Londonderry on Thursday evening, prompting the Police to take resort to force in order to restore peace (!) in the Creggan area of the city, a short drive from the border with the Republic of Ireland. The Irish nationalists refer the city as Derry, while the British unionists call it Londonderry…
According to sources close to the Police Department, the crowd reportedly threw crackers and petrol bombs at the emergency vehicles at around 11pm (local time). McKee, who was standing near a Police vehicle, was shot by a gunman, and died soon after receiving the bullet wound. Later, Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton confirmed her death, saying that the Police had no idea whether she was on duty at the time, or visiting the area for personal reasons. Describing McKee’s untimely and unfortunate demise as horrendous and unjustified, the officer stressed that the Police considered the shooting as a terrorist incident, and had immediately launched a murder inquiry. Hamilton claimed that a member of dissident republicans – namely the Irish Republican Army (IRA), carried out the shooting!

Police patrol the scene during Thursday night’s violence.

Belfast-born McKee had written a number of articles for various publications, such as ‘The Atlantic’ and ‘Buzzfeed News’. She was adjudged as one of Forbes Magazine’s ‘30 under 30’ in media in Europe in 2016… According to the non-profit organisation – ‘Committee to Protect Journalists’, McKee is the first journalist to be killed in Britain since 2001!
Northern Ireland had signed a Peace Treaty – popularly known as ‘Good Friday Agreement’ – on April 10, 1998 in order to put an end to the three decades-long ethno-nationalist conflict, known internationally as the ‘Northern Ireland Conflict’ or ‘The Troubles’. Northern Ireland is a part of Britain. Although the Protestants are happy with their country’s current status, the Catholic Irish Nationalists want Northern Ireland to merge with Republic of Ireland! The Nationalists, who are against the treaty, also want United Irish Republic to emerge as a Sovereign State… At present, the Island Nation stays politically divided…

As Northern Ireland was gearing up to mark the 103rd anniversary of ‘Easter Rising’ on April 23, this violent unrest manifest itself in Creggan. The Police claimed that dissident Republicans had stocked firearms and explosives in different parts of Londonderry. They attacked the Police when the latter was about to carry out a search operation! Meanwhile, the Political Experts are of the opinion that the latest violence in Northern Ireland will certainly complicate the ‘Brexit’ issue! They argue that the Northern Ireland, as a part of Britain, will have to leave the European Union in case of Brexit… However, the Republic of Ireland will remain as a part of the 28-member bloc even after the Brexit!

McKee spoke at the TEDxStormont Women 2017 event in November 2017.

The World would be able to view whatever would be the trend, as well as its culmination, but would not a minor issue prick the conscientious: who or what were responsible for the death of McKee… and how would people atone for it?

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