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Syrian Serial Turning Serious?

Teenager Leonora and her boyfriend Martin Lehm had left their homes four years ago, as the German couple planned to settle in Syria. The then 15-year-old Leonora thought that everything would be fine. However, she didn’t get an opportunity to lead a normal life in the last four-and-a-half years…. because Leonora is a terrorist’s wife! Yes, Lehm reportedly joined the ISIS in 2014!
The Syrian forces recently arrested Lehm and the German media have covered the news, stating that 28-year-old German national was an influential ISIS leader. The media also reported that he used to influence the foreign nationals with terrorist ideology. Leonora, too, confirmed that Lehm worked as an ISIS technician, saying that he used to repair computers and cell phones.


The Syrian forces have re-captured many areas, held by militants, in recent times with the help of foreign forces and arrested terrorists, like Lehm. Now, the terrorists are active only in Deir ez-Zor Governorate (on the banks of Euphrates).
Leonora, along with her two children, is staying at a refugee camp in Al-Baghuz Fawqani, a town located in Abu Kamal District. She gave birth to the little one a couple of weeks ago! Leonora shared her ‘story’ with a group of journalists who recently visited the camp.

The 19-year-old recalled that she had converted to Islam before leaving Germany. Upon their arrival in Syria, Lehm, and his three wives, settled in Raqqa. According to Leonora, her husband was a common man before joining the ISIS. She stressed that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) forced the terror outfit to leave Raqqa by destroying its bases there in 2017. “We had to change our base every week. Sometimes, we had to move without necessary items,” added the German girl. Some terrorists even left their wives and children at their bases in Raqqa.
The Syrian government has requested the European countries to take back thousands of foreign terrorists… but, the European nations – seemingly – are yet to respond! As a result, family members of the ISIS members are in dire straits. Like others, Leonora realised that she had made a mistake! “… I made a huge mistake. I want to return to my home in Germany. I want to get back my previous life,” she insisted!
No one knows whether it will be possible for Leonora to return to Germany…

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