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Tent(ative) Circus?

A professional clown in Britain has strongly criticised a local daily for comparing the activities of Brexit politicians with that of a circus.
The British political leaders – who are in favour of Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) – are currently in deep trouble, as the ruling Conservative Party is yet to finalise foolproof policies for the departure. A daily recently criticised the Opposition leaders for their failure in providing constructive criticism on the Brexit policies of the British government. Surprisingly, the daily described the Opposition leaders as ‘Brexit Clown’! Other broadsheets, too, compared the direction-less tumult regarding Brexit across the country with a circus (yet again).
The development has irked the professional clown, who said that circus should not be considered as a chaotic event. Instead, circus artists co-ordinate with each other magnificently to carry out difficult tasks, he added. According to the elderly spokesperson of clowns, circus artists not just perform in front of the spectators, but also spend lives inside a large tent, pack their belongings and travel to different cities on a regular basis. He further mentioned that circus is a team game. Therefore, circus can’t be compared with politics, keeping in mind the lack of co-operation and co-ordination among the leaders especially on the issue of Brexit. The clown stressed that such a comparison could create a misconception about circus. He argued that circus artists are trained professionals, who are efficient and skilful as well. They are not like ineffective and disorganised political leaders.

Thousands have backed the 71-year-old clown’s view, as they said on the social media that it’s a relevant issue in Britain. The issue is also relevant in India, the former British colony. Even the majority of Indians believes that it would be an insult for clowns, if we compare the activities of our parliamentarians inside the House with a circus. The performance of a clown is aimed at entertaining spectators. Of course, the activities of members of the Parliament entertain people… but those may be termed as a rotten form of entertainment! A clown’s dress code makes clear (even before his performance) that he is different from others and we have to judge his performance with a different yardstick. On the other hand, political leaders’ uncurbed and violent behaviour inside the House, without any particular dress code, shock people.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn

There is a basic difference between the two performances. A circus company doesn’t recruit a clown only on the basis of a recommendation, as the performer needs skills. Unlike politicians, other professionals have to perform their duties seriously in order to establish themselves as successful persons.
Politics is a completely different profession, as a person can win elections and can become a member of the Parliament due to his/her family background! And, politicians could never become clowns. Had the leaders the ability to become clown, the nation could have made a serious progress!

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