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Twain, Twin & Tying The Knot

Guitar and his sister Kiwi are the twin children of Dad Amornsan Sunthorn Malirat (31) and mom Phacharaporn (30). The six-year-old twins recently got married in a Buddhist ceremony as their Thai parents believe that they were lovers in past lives. Followers of Buddhism believe that male and female twins have karma from relationships in a previous life and have been re-born together, as the debt has not been settled. As expected, the event has stunned the civilised world!
In the presence of Guitar and Kiwi who appeared shy in front of dozens of family friends who attended the ceremony, Amornsan and Phacharaporn told the media that they inherited the belief from their ancestors. “(We thought) we must arrange a wedding for the two twins as a solution to the issues they had before they were re-born. If they are married, they will live healthy and successful lives and not be sick,” said the dad.

Guitar & Kiwi with their parents

The video footage of the event shows Guitar, followed by some people in a street procession, passed through nine gates before reaching the place where the bride was waiting for him. He also paid a dowry of GBP 1,000 in cash and gold before marrying his sister.
Meanwhile, the local authorities have confirmed that the marriage is not legally binding and they can select their own partners after reaching adulthood. Till then, they will be considered as husband and wife in line with local customs. “They were both so sweet during their wedding. They will be the best of friends for the rest of their lives. They’ll be able to find their own husband or wife when their older. But this ceremony will always be important for them,” stressed the mom.

Dozens of loved ones attended the street procession, as Guitar was taken to meet Kiwi

It is to be noted that three-year-old brother and sister – Teekatat and Tawisa Hiranmekawanit – had tied the knot in the traditional ceremony in Thailand’s Ang Thong Province in 2016. Their parents, too, had made a similar claim.

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