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Tag: #power

Globalisation Of Personal Space

It has become increasingly difficult for one to keep her/his personal information confidential, in the era of technological advancement. The daily activities of a person become public via cell phones […]

Ensuring Justice In Democracy

Students of Political Science learn two definitions of Politics at the very beginning of their undergraduate studies. While American Political Scientist and Communications Theorist Harold Dwight Lasswell (February 13, 1902 […]

A Not-So-Tender Tender

In a rare first, India has decided to import coal from foreign countries on a regular basis. The Coal India Limited (CIL), an Indian Government-owned coal mining and refining corporation, […]

Towards A Permanent Conflict

The number, 100, has a special significance. When a person, organisation or event reaches this milestone, it becomes worthy of celebration, or remembrance. The war between Russia and Ukraine, which […]

Democracy & Family-arity

In a country or in a political party, the view of the majority is commonly accepted in Democracy. As per democratic norms, recognition of the opinion of the majority should […]

India Not Dancing To US’ Tune

Following multiple threatening visits by senior US officials to New Delhi, the diktat issued by Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman on April 6 (2022) that “We, obviously, would prefer […]