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A Supervised ‘Sex-Slavery’

Jail authorities have repeatedly used her as a sex-slave, allowing the prisoners to rape her many a time. There is an uproar in Israel over such a revelation by a former female prison guard. Prime Minister Yair Lapid immediately ordered an investigation into the allegation.

Most of the inmates at Gilboa prison in northern Israel are from Palestine. A former female guard of that prison recently alleged that the jail authorities had deliberately put her in danger, mentioning in her complaint (filed online) that her male supervisers had made female guards vulnerable to assault by inmates. The former guard, who wished to remain anonymous, said that she was repeatedly raped by a Palestinian prisoner after she was “handed over” to him by her superiors, and became his “private sex-slave“. “I didn’t want to be raped, to be violated again and again,” she added.

Gilboa prison

Keren Barak, the lawyer of the victim, told the media that her client required mental health support because of the trauma following the ordeal. The Israeli media have published a series of reports on the working condition of female guards at Gilboa prison after the former female guard made this stunning revelation. However, none of the female guards had complained to the concerned authorities with so much clarity, in the past. The prison management came under scrutiny in September 2021 after six Palestinian prisoners had broken out of Gilboa by tunnelling out of their cells through the drainage system. Now, the Gilboa Pimping Affair has rocked the Israreli Politics, as it has been alleged that male supervisors reportedly asked female guards to serve as sex-slaves of inmates.

Commenting on the issue, Prime Minister Lapid told his Cabinet on July 31 (2022): “It cannot be (tolerated) that a soldier is raped by a terrorist during her service. It must , and will be, investigated. We will make certain that the soldier receives assistance.” For his part, Internal Security Minister Omer Barlev stressed that the “affair that happened a few years ago in Gilboa prison” had “shaken the Israeli public“. “I read the testimonies that are published and I am simply shocked,” he added.

According to political analysts, it is surprising that the Israelis have allowed the Palestinians to rape their female prison guards. Although Prime Minister Lapid claimed that he held discussions with Commissioner of Israel Prison Service (IPS) Katy Perryto ensure that such an incident never happens again“, his assurance has failed to impress the analysts.

It may be noted that Gilboa is considered as a maximum-security prison.

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