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Slammed For Romanticising War

It has been seen that Russia has increased the intensity of the attack, as the Armed Forces of President Vladimir Putin are slowly advancing towards Kiev from three different directions. The Ukrainian economy is on the verge of collapse, with people across the country facing an acute food crisis. In such a scenario, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy has triggered a fresh controversy by taking part in a photo shoot with his wife Olena Volodymyrivna Zelenska for the Vogue fashion magazine. Immediately after their images went viral on the internet, people said that the President was in a light mood at a time his country was in danger.

Although Vogue has posted the image of First Lady Zelenska as its latest digital cover star, calling it “Portrait of Bravery“; the image has attracted criticism from many. However, many users have called the digital cover a beautiful and powerful image. In the Vogue cover, it is seen that the Ukrainian First Lady sitting inside the Presidential Office and dressed casually in black pants and white top. She has also posed for photographs, along with her husband, Ukrainian soldiers and wreckage among other images released by Vogue on its Instagram handle.

The President & his wife

Russia invaded neighbouring Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Although Ukraine has somehow managed to prevent super power Russia from taking full control of the former Soviet Republic till date, the war has claimed the lives of thousands of people. At the initial stage of invasion, President Zelenskyy was seen walking into the field, dressed in military uniform and carrying a gun. That image was widely appreciated, and Zelenskyy became a symbol of the struggle of the Ukrainians. Surprisingly, the entire scenario has changed in the past five months. When his soldiers were still fighting against the Russians to defend their country, the President was busy doing a photo shoot with his wife for a magazine.

Incidentally, First Lady Zelenska has shared those images on her social media page. The move has created troubles for her husband, as a section of people has wondered whether Zelenskyy has finally given up. Meanwhile, Vogue has made an attempt to defend the Ukrainian President and his wife, saying on its Instagram handle: “As the war in Ukraine enters a critical new phase, the country’s First Lady, Olena Zelenska, has become a key player, a frontline diplomat and the face of her nation’s emotional toll.

The majority of the Ukrainians have slammed Vogue for “romanticising war“. “Romanticising war isn’t it, Vogue,” a top comment on the Instagram post read. Another person wrote: “Something about them posing in the war zone doesn’t sit right with me…

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