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A Gruesome Tale Stuns UN

Militants had abducted her twice, and tortured in a brutal manner. Apart from sexually molesting her, they also forced her to cook and eat human flesh! The UN Security Council (UNSC) has recently been stunned after receiving this piece of information from a Human Rights group. This incident happened in the People’s Republic of Congo.

The UNSC was discussing the current political situation in Congo on June 29, 2022. During the discussion, President of Women’s Rights group Female Solidarity for Integrated Peace and Development (SOFEPADI) Julienne Lusenge informed the UNSC about this shocking incident. She stressed that the woman was kidnapped by CODECO militants when she had gone to pay a ransom for another kidnapped member of her family. Later, the woman told the SOFEPADI that she was raped repeatedly, and physically abused.

She also claimed that the militants slit a man’s throat. “They pulled out his entrails and they asked me to cook them. They brought me two water containers to prepare the rest of the meal. They then fed all the prisoners human flesh,” Lusenge told the UNSC, recounting the woman’s story.

Although the CODECO militants released the woman a few days later, she was abducted again by another militant group on her way home. According to Lusenge, the same thing happened to that woman yet again. She was gang-raped repeatedly, and forced to cook and consume human flesh. Somehow, the woman managed to escape from there. As expected, Lusenge’s story stunned the member-states of the UNSC.

Julienne Lusenge of SOFEPADI

Lusenge did not reveal the name of the second militant group during her UNSC briefing. CODECO is one of the armed militias that have been fighting against Congo’s Army over land and resources mainly in the mineral-rich eastern part of the country. Over the last decade, the conflict has claimed thousands of lives and displaced millions. Congo’s Army started targeting the M23 rebel group in late May 2022, as the group has been waging its most sustained offensive since an insurrection in 2012-13.

The UN peacekeepers have been deployed in the western African nation for two decades to tackle the ongoing Civil War. However, the unrest is still going on, as the World Body has failed to normalise the situation in Congo.

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