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A Moderate Stance Sought

In Vienna, negotiations on the resumption of the 2015-signed Iranian Nuclear Deal stalled on December 3 after European, American and Iranian officials suspended talks following substantial differences that the European side put on Iran’s lack of realism. The Every Morning Asia online portal recently made an attempt to find an answer to the question: Why have negotiations on the resumption of Iranian nuclear deal stalled?

The European, American and Iranian officials could not reach a common ground because Tehran is demanding a comprehensive lifting of all sanctions, including those unrelated to its nuclear programme, while still remaining unconstrained from rolling back its investments in the nuclear programme, a total departure from the original deal, and an ignorance on the part of the Iranian side of all the compromises established in the past.

Iran is breaking with almost all of the difficult compromises crafted in months of tough negotiations and is demanding substantial changes to the text,” said French, German and British diplomats, who put Iran’s change of attitude on the tougher line of Tehran’s new Presidential Administration. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi does not want to follow his predecessor Hassan Rouhani in putting all the eggs in the Western basket, without guarantees from Washington DC that the US would not try to renegade the nuclear deal again.

The complete statement makes the US officials expect the worst: a no way back and a lack of agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme that may be followed by a new round of economic sanctions and political isolation of the regime in Tehran.

Hassan Rouhani (L) & Ebrahim Raisi

The Western officials are prepared to offer a partial nuclear agreement, including sanctions relief in exchange for Iranian acceptance of rolling back its nuclear programme development. However, this return to the agreement made in 2013 would not enjoy the support of Israel, which considers such an offer to be without substance, not giving satisfactory answers to Israeli concerns related to the National Security, and which would do nothing, but reward Tehran for its Middle East political agenda and Nuclear Blackmail.

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