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Valentine & Value-Orientation!

Love stories of different types are encountered in various forms, heard nowadays. As the Global Community celebrates Valentine’s Day on February 14 each year, members of the younger generation spend the day with their most beloved persons. A maybe-not-so-pertinent question may arise in this regard: what if the number of one’s beloved persons is more than one? Can the situation, based on the loose social ethics and morals that exist this day, be termed as Love? If one is enamoured with three persons simultaneously, then should it be called Love?

Sobhan (name changed) – an artist in his mid-30s, based in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata – has revealed that he is currently in a relationship with three women! He has claimed that he loves all of them. Sobhan has even taken care to explain that he enjoys different sorts of friendship with each one, as he also has physical relations with them. He does not face any problem in this, and does not consider himself dishonest, either.

Interestingly, Sobhan, in this process, has raised an important issue out of the blue: the one termed Dishonesty! Certainly, there is a reason. Although the three women know one another, no one knows everything! If a person maintains three such types of relationship at the same time, then it should be considered as a classical example of dishonesty. However, Sobhan has argued that he loves them equally, saying that no one can replace the other! Then, he also revealed that he had told the truth to one of them, who, seemingly, seemed matured enough. That was Roshni (name changed), who teaches in a college. She did not take umbrage, because she possibly walked into Sobhan’s life after the first one. Roshni, in reality, is also a friend of that lady, who is older than both Sobhan and she. “She is little older than me. She also takes good care of me. Perhaps, she knows my relationship with Roshni, but has never asked any question,” stressed the young artist.

As for the third one, Sobhan said: “She’s really young. She has just completed graduation. She doesn’t care much about my other relationships.” She has a different set of demands. “I consider her as a student. A lot would not have been done at this age without her,” he added. Sobhan is well aware that many would question his character for having three relationships, simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Dr Anuttama Banerjee, a Clinical Psychologist, is by no means surprised. “What is the reason for not considering it love? We maintain multiple relationships. If one can love her/his father and mother in the same way or brothers and sisters, then why not one gets involved with more than one person?” asked the Psychologist. She explained that a majority of the people maintain single relationship mainly to avoid complications. Again, the institution – called Marriage – is closely associated with it in a number of ways. Quite a few economic and family-related issues are involved with marriage, as well! Hence, the Society believes that there may be a problem in understanding in case of maintaining multiple relationships. “The understanding is in one’s own hand. Otherwise, there is no harm in maintaining a friendly relationship with three persons,” stated Dr Banerjee.

Many of Sobhan’s friends are aware of the Reality. As of now, he wants to know about different ideas that get spread around about him, without disclosing his identity.

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