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Another Geological Phenomenon

An inanimate gigantic figure, which has begun to raise its head from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, could change the geography of Africa, Europe and two Americas in future. Researchers are of the opinion that the gigantic rock might quickly end up moving Africa and Europe farther away from North and South America

As per the Research Paper published in the January 27 issue of Nature science journal, the rock has been found 600km below the sea floor! Earlier, the researchers had claimed that Africa and Europe were gradually moving away from the two Americas, North and South. Now, they have found evidence that Tectonic Plates, beneath these continents, are rapidly moving away from each other. The Paper has mentioned that the plates are moving away by a few centimetres (around 4cm) a year. In the past, Seismologists failed to understand why the speed was so high.

Experts believe that the newly discovered rock at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean could unravel the mystery behind this speed. According to them, this extremely warm rock has begun to rise from a depth of several hundred kilometres of the mantle of the Earth. It is playing a key role in rapidly moving the two Americas away from Africa and Europe, said a researcher who wished to remain anonymous.

Although the giant rock could create a distance between the US, Europe and Africa, the three continents would remain close, Politically and Diplomatically

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