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Biding Time…

Majority of people in the US, as well as in different parts of the world, have welcomed the outcome of 2020 US Presidential Polls. The four-year tenure of outgoing President Donald Trump would be memorable for many reasons… and, almost all of them were worrisome! From hate politics to irresponsible health policies, from undemocratic practices to corruption; the Trump Era has witnessed an unprecedented decline in the American Society. No one expects that Democrat President-elect Joe Biden would emerge as a Statesman or an Efficient Administrator, but everyone believes that he could change the direction of the US Politics. As Biden has won the 2020 Presidential Elections, people – seemingly – have breathed a sigh of relief.

After the victory of Biden, the US envisages a possibility of return of Individual Freedom, Social Justice and Democratic Politics. Now, one would have to wait and see whether the President-elect could change the direction of US Politics in the next four years. However, this possibility is also a good piece of news. There is a tendency to consider National Election as very important in each and every country. However, the 2020 US Presidential Elections was really important, mainly because of Donald Trump, who triggered a Global Panic by undermining the Democratic System.


History has taught us that the importance of the individual is not much, as the said individual would definitely bear the legacy of her/his own place and time! Hence, the Authoritarianism of Donald Trump is deeply rooted in his society and supporters. Had the lust for power and hatred not been ingrained in the American society, a person, like Trump, could not have been created. Liberal US must be nervous, even after this election, given the overwhelming support for Trump, despite his electoral defeat. Joe Biden has defeated Trump in the Presidential Polls, but not Trumpism. It still exists, and Biden’s US would have to face Trump’s US in the next four years.

Still, the concern for confrontation and conflict is more desirable than total submission… because there remains some hope left in it. So, the electoral defeat of Donald Trump is a good piece of news not only for the US, but also for the Democratic World, including India. Although there is no apparent connection between the Indian Politics and the US Politics, the South Asian Nation is an important State Actor as far as the US Foreign Policy is concerned.


Since the beginning of the 21st Century, the diplomatic equation between India and the US has started changing mainly because of China and the Islamic World! Hence, it is expected that India’s diplomatic relations should follow the same rhythm with Biden’s US, just like Trump’s US. However, political proximity between the Trump Administration and the Narendra Modi Government in India is likely to change somewhat. In recent past, Biden has openly criticised Kashmir Policy, Citizenship Law, et al, by the Government of India, apart from expressing serious concern over decline in Civil Liberties (in India). Right now, no one should speculate whether President-elect Biden would be changing the course of his Country’s Politics and Diplomacy, how much he would change, and how much he would be able to change…

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