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Choosing A Career Path…

He is the Prime Minister of Great Britain, yet his salary is seemingly not enough! It is hence, he, possibly, is planning to resign from his current position… The British Media have reported that Boris Johnson recently made an indication in this regard. Perhaps, PM Johnson would make his final decision by next Spring…

Currently, Johnson – as the Prime Minister of Great Britain – earns approximately GBP 150,400 or USD 195,000! However, his earnings were more before his swearing in as the Prime Minister in July 2019. So, he is thinking of returning to his previous occupation. Before becoming the Prime Minister of the UK, he used to earn around GBP 23,000 per month, by writing articles in broadsheets. He also had a separate income by delivering lectures at various events. He had even earned GBP 160,000 from giving two speeches in a month, once.

PM Johnson

According to sources close to the White Hall, PM Johnson may not resign soon, as he would wait until the completion of the Brexit Process. At the same time, he has also planned to rescue Britain from the COVID-19 situation before leaving his 10, Downing Street residence. In other words, Johnson will serve as the PM for the next six months, at the least…

Talking to the media, one of the PM’s party MPs said: “Boris has at least six children, some young enough to need financial help. And, he had to pay ex-wife Marina Wheeler a shedload as part of their divorce deal.

According to other Tory MPs, Johnson has realised that it would not be possible for him to get past his predecessor Theresa May, who resigned immediately after the Brexit Treaty got rejected. They are of the opinion that PM Johnson is somewhat jealous of May who has earned around GBP 1 million in the lecture circuit since quitting as the PM. Johnson believes that he could earn at least double of that amount. It is to be noted that former British PM David Cameron earns GBP 120,000 per lecture, while Tony Blair has amassed a fortune of GBP 22 million by delivering lectures, and working as a consultant.

A senior Tory MP, who wished to remain anonymous, stressed: “Boris is the typical adulterer. He is more interested in the chase than the prize.

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