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From Head-Hunters To Happy Beings

The word ‘Zo’ refers to a cool mountainous area, while the term ‘Mizo’ means the residents of that area, and ‘Ram’ means Country in their local language! A recent survey has claimed that the North-Eastern Indian Province of Mizoram is the happiest place in the country. In a rare first, a Happiness Survey has been conducted in India. The survey report was prepared after considering different aspects, like the influence of COVID-19 on happiness, the influence of political leaders on the people and the key to the happiness of the common people… It was conducted during the Lockdown period (March-July 2020). And, the Report was edited by Rajesh K Pillania, who has been rated and awarded the Best Professor for Strategy in India by ASSOCHAM and Education Post. The survey has revealed that happiness depends mainly on marital status, age, education and income in India.

Settlements near Mizo Hills were first mentioned in 1500 AD. The British historians had used the term ‘Cookie Settlement’. Before the British Rule, the Mizo settlements were divided into small autonomous villages. The local Headmen used to rule those villages. However, the village heads were under the control of the King. After a period of resistance for a long time, the Mizos were forced to surrender to British Imperial Power in 1895. After becoming a part of the British Colonial India, the influence of the missionaries increased in the Mizo Hills, triggering a radical change in the Minds and Culture of the people!

Mizo Hills

After the Independence of India in August 1947, the Mizo Hills and its adjacent areas became a Union Territory (of India). Later in 1972, this territory was renamed Mizoram. The Government of India and the Mizo National Front (MNF) signed the Mizoram Peace Agreement in 1986, and the territory became a Province of India in 1987. Mizoram – the fifth smallest province of the South Asian Country with an area of 6,142sqmt – shares borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar. Phawngpui, also known as ‘Blue Mountain’, is the highest peak in the Mizo Hills, with an elevation of 2,157mt. This Indian province, based on Agrarian Economy, is a major orchid producing region.

The Mizo girls

In the past, the popular culture of the Mizo Tribe was Head-Hunting or beheading the enemies! The decapitated heads formed one of the elements of their home decoration. The one, who used to have more heads in his collection, was considered as brave in Mizo society. However, the Head-Hunting was banned by the British Colonial rulers. People, who enjoyed beheading their opponents in the past, are the happier ones in India, now…

However, there are various reasons for dissatisfaction in the province in the last one year. People of Mizoram, raising “Hello China, Bye India” slogans, staged protests as regards to the Citizenship Amendment Act adopted by the Government of India. The newly-elected Provincial Government disheartened the liquor-lovers by imposing a ban on the sale of alcohol. Between 1990 and 2019, nearly 21,536 people were infected with HIV in the province. Different districts of Mizoram, occasionally, experience earthquakes. There are lots of controversies about the Bodo refugees. Even, the Chakma Tribe is fighting against discrimination. Still, Mizoram has emerged as the Happiest Province in India.


According to the Sociologists, the mentality of the people of Mizoram makes them happy even in turbulent period of time. They, thus, have advised the Indians to learn from the Mizos how to stay happy…

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