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Stranger Than Fiction?

The United States of America is planning to construct Nuclear Power Plants on the Earth’s Moon and Mars! Washington DC has urged private companies to give ideas in order to implement the programme. The US Department of Energy has issued a statement, saying that they want to carry out long-term nuclear research on the Moon and Mars. According to the statement, the actual plan is to build Fission Surface Power Systems there.

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL – the US’ lead laboratory for Nuclear Energy research, development, demonstration and deployment), the Department of Atomic Energy and NASA are conducting researches on how to build Nuclear Reactors on the Moon and Mars. A senior INL official has said that they will build such reactors which will not require water for cooling. It is to be noted that almost all nuclear reactors on the Earth have water cooling systems.

Moon & Mars

Meanwhile, the programme has been divided into two stages. First, the design of the nuclear reactor has to be finalised. And then, a test reactor will be built. According to sources close to the INL, a spacecraft would be taking the second reactor to the Moon, and the lander of the spacecraft would place the reactor, there!

The original plan of the US is to place the Nuclear Reactor, which could generate at least 10 kilowatts of electricity, on the Moon by the end of 2026. In its latest report, the US Energy Information Administration has mentioned that a household consumes on an average 11,000 kilowatts of electricity per year in the country.

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