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Britain snapped its 47-year-old ties with the European Union (EU) on January 31. While Brexit brings happiness for some, others are visibly not-so-happy with the divorce!
Before catching the last train from London to Paris on the last day of the first month of 2020, Martin Kavanov said: “Today is a sad day for us. Instead of being more globalise, we close our door. It’s a wrong message to the Global Community!” However, Brian Patel – a 27-year-old British dentist – was happy with Brexit! Before leaving London with his French girlfriend, he stressed that Britain would be able to stand on its own feet. He believes that the decision to leave the European bloc will certainly help the country prosper in the coming years!


Mixed reactions regarding Brexit have also been seen in the British media reports. While the Right-wing Daily Express tabloid expressed “Rise and shine… it’s a glorious new Britain“; pro-Brexit The Sun tabloid declared “Muscles without Brussels“. Meanwhile, the London’s Standard daily warned: “It will be a bumpy road!” Both the critics and supporters of Brexit have strongly criticised the publicly-financed broadcaster The BBC for playing it straight while covering the news, with a heading: “Brexit: UK leaves the European Union“. Like the BBC, the Financial Times mentioned: “Britain finally cuts EU ties“.

Disunited Kingdom.jpg

Disunited Kingdom?
Meanwhile, the Scots and the Irishmen celebrated Brexit in a different way! In the Scottish capital of Edinburgh (800km away from London), people organised a candle march, with placards, reading: “We love EU” and “Independence for Scotland“. At 11pm (local time), First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: “Scotland will return to the heart of Europe as an independent country!” She said that Brexit is nothing, but a change of circumstances. It is to be noted that Scotland wanted to stay with the EU. Although British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is yet to allow Sturgeon to hold a referendum on Scottish Independence, the Scottish Minister has made it clear that she will hold the referendum soon The 10, Downing Street knows that it might have to lose Scotland while bargaining.

Outside the Scottish Parliament.jpg

Outside the Scottish Parliament

Northern Ireland, too, had no plan to leave the EU! In Belfast, the Brexit supporters celebrated Britain’s exit near the National Assembly. At the same time, protesters held rallies in different parts of the country with the EU flags! The border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland has become the Britain-EU border after the Brexit.
India, the former British colony, is happy with the Brexit, as the South Asian nation is among the countries on the British Government’s target list for a new post-Brexit trade campaign. Immediately after leaving the EU, London showed interests in striking new ties with partners around the globe. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said in a statement that a new GREAT ‘Ready to Trade‘ campaign would be launched in 18 cities across 13 countries outside the EU, as the UK planned to deepen relationships with future global partners. Those 13 cities are: Perth, Melbourne, Sydney (Australia), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Toronto (Canada), Shanghai (China/Hong Kong), Tokyo (Japan), Mexico City (Mexico), Mumbai (India), Singapore (Singapore), Johannesburg (South Africa), Seoul (South Korea), Istanbul (Turkey), Dubai (the UAE), and New York, Los Angeles and Chicago (the US).


So, it is Rule Britannia: Whatever floats the boat!

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