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In Search Of The Führer…

Adolf Hitler has recently been seen on the streets of Germany, once again! Soon after the video was viral throughout the Social Media, the German Police started investigating the case. A senior Police Officer has said that they would soon catch the man, dressed as Hitler, while taking part in a Classic Motorcycle Festival held in Saxony over the weekend…
Germans, like people of other countries across the globe, hate Adolf Hitler. However, some participate in Fancy Dress Party or Go As You Like competition in Germany, dressing up as Hitler! Many a times people had to face bitter criticism for dressing like the Führer in such events in the past. However, the new Hitler had his countrymen hooting with laughter! People recently discovered the fake Hitler on a street in Augustusburg near Chemnitz. Just like the tyrannical leader, this person wore a black long coat, and also had a toothbrush moustache! Even, he had an assistant with an old-fashioned long coat and a black helmet, representing the era of the Second World War! They hit the road with a bike. While the assistant was driving the motorcycle, Hitler was sitting on the side-car…

Fake Hitler.jpg
The Fake Hitler (L)

Not many people had seen the real Hitler smiling! However, this Hitler, and his assistant were seen enjoying their ride with smiling faces. They rightly realised that people were enjoying their make-up. The video shows the Führer receiving salutation by waving his hands! A senior spokesperson of Saxony Police said: “When people dress up as Adolf Hitler, an investigation is always necessary.” He further said: “We would have expected our colleague to put a stop to all this without the least hesitation.” For his part, Saxony Premier Michael Kretschmer stressed: “Dressing up as a mass murderer is more than just bad taste. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable and shouldn’t be repeated.


Nearly 1,800 motorcyclists and 7,500 visitors took part in the Weekend Classic Bike Festival. It may be noted that Saxony is a region in former communist East Germany that has recently made headlines for far-right and neo-Nazi activities.

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