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Taking On The Prime Minister…

It is 55 versus 25!
Ali Milani – a 25-year-old Iranian immigrant whose mother had moved to Britain when he was five, and raised him single-handedly – is all set to create History as he could be the first person with a foreign-origin to oust a sitting British Prime Minister in Modern Times. Yes, the Labour Party’s Uxbridge candidate will be contesting against Boris Johnson in the December 12 Parliamentary Elections!
Johnson has been contesting polls from Uxbridge constituency since 2015. He bagged just 5034 votes when the Conservative Party elected its leader! Now, the spotlight is on young Ali as the Labour Party has nominated him to contest against Prime Minister Johnson.

Ali Milani.jpg
Ali Milani

Ali, the youngest candidate this time, had arrived in Britain with his mother and sister 20 years ago. He used to stay in social housing at Wembley, but went to a school in Kilburn. The Labour Party candidate said: “It’s a fight for the soul of the country. If Boris Johnson has an ounce of courage, he’ll stay here and fight his seat. If not, I might just follow him wherever he goes. Nah, I’m joking. I’ll beat whatever Tory comes here. It would just be sweeter if it’s Boris Johnson.
Ali believes that he, as a local resident, will have a better chance to beat the PM. Earlier, Ali had campaigned against the construction of a third runway at Heathrow Airport. Although Johnson, too, was against the construction, he changed his stand later. The PM was heard saying that he would lie in front of the bulldozer, if necessary. His stand in that case is no longer the same…

Boris Johnson

Meanwhile, experts are of the opinion that PM Johnson would be in deep trouble if Milani could achieve the 5% swing. It will certainly turn Uxbridge into a Labour seat! Johnson’s pressure will increase, if Nigel Paul Farage’s Brexit Party nominates a candidate for Uxbridge constituency. In that case, the pro-Brexit votes will be divided.
However, Ali is not far behind in terms of controversy. He had shared anti-Jewish comments on Twitter seven-eight years ago, creating trouble for his party. Former Labour Party Minister Ian Austin recently urged voters to back PM Johnson, saying: “I think Jeremy Corbyn is completely unfit to lead our country. Completely unfit to lead the Labour Party.” He has also been heard saying: “Corbyn spent his entire time in politics working with and defending all sorts of people: extremists and, in some cases anti-semites and terrorists.” Austin stressed: “…in the end, I don’t think he’s a patriot. I don’t think he loves his country. I think he always picks our country’s enemies, whether that’s the IRA, during the Troubles, or describing Hamas and Hezbollah as his friends, or parroting Putin’s propaganda when the Russians sent hitmen to murder people on the streets of Britain.

Jeremy Corbyn

In such a scenario, it is indeed quite a challenge for Ali to win the trust of voters. Currently, he is interacting with voters in order to fulfil his cherished dream!

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