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One side of the skull was damaged, while the other side had been sharpened. There are three such skulls… and, here lies the Secret! Experts believe that the 1600-year-old pointy skulls would open new chapters of history. Researches have revealed that the skulls were distorted deliberately during their lifetime! According to Researchers, the history of the fall of the Roman Empire, and the migration across Europe (and the world) is closely linked with this…
The power of the mighty Roman Empire was over by AD 300-700. Various nomadic communities, like the Huns and the Goths, got involved in bloody rivalries across Europe during this period. Three skulls of that era have recently been recovered from an archaeological site in the eastern part of Croatia.


After examining the skulls, researchers have come to know that the three persons had died at a young age, around AD 415-560. The DNA tests further revealed that although the three teenagers were buried at the same place, their genetic origins were different. In other words, their ancestors had come from different parts of the globe, and started living in Europe.
Interestingly, there is no mark of deformation in one skull… perhaps, his ancestors were from the Western Eurasian region. However, the impression of skull modification is evident in two other skulls. It means that the growth of the babies was distorted forcefully. Ancestors of one of these two were from either China or Japan, while the other one were from Eastern Asia.
Artificial Cranial Deformation (ACD) is a form of body alteration in which the skull of a human being is deformed intentionally. This practice of body modification has been going on all over the world since the early Stone Age. In European countries situated near the Black Sea, this practice began in the second and third Centuries, reached its peak in fifth and sixth Centuries, and disappeared in the seventh Century!

ACD Skull.jpg
ACD Skull

At least 12 ACD skulls have been discovered in Croatia so far. Some researchers are of the opinion that the discovery reinforces an old claim that the Huns introduced this practice to Central Europe and popularised it. The mighty Huns attacked various countries and then settled there. However, it is still not crystal clear as to where they had come from. So far, it has been assumed that they came from the Eastern part of Asia. Interestingly, the discovery of ACD skulls in Croatia has changed that perception. Now, researchers believe that a branch of the Huns reached Europe from the northern part of the Black Sea!
Meanwhile, many researchers are not ready to accept the claim that Huns were the only practitioners of skull ACD. According to them, this practice was quite popular in Europe… perhaps, the Huns added some of their own characteristics to it. Another mystery is: how did the skulls get to arrive in Croatia? In the past, researchers had found many Stone Age skulls in Croatia’s Harmanov region, where the nomads had reportedly built their homes. However, no houses were built during the migration era. So, the scientists have come to the conclusion that the three teenagers had come from a different place!

Harmanov, Croatia

The researchers have further claimed that the three had consumed the same food for many days ahead of their death, and they used to live at the same place. Bones of horses and pigs were also found near their skeletons. However, it is not clear as to how they had died at a relatively young age! Perhaps, they were murdered or died from any disease.
ACD or deformed skulls have been recovered from various other parts of Europe, and the majority of them are female skulls. Researchers believe that the recently found pointy skulls in Croatia would help them trace the unknown chapters of history. “It would be easier to trace the history of migration, if we find who brought this practice to Europe,” stressed a senior member of the researchers’ team.


By migrating to new places, Human Beings enriched the civilisation across the globe. Migration in the Middle Age had a great impact on the growth of population across the world. Still, we do not have much information about migration, controlled mainly by the Huns and the Goths.
Researches on ACD skulls will certainly help scientists come out with more facts and shed light on the unknown history of human civilisation (especially during the era of a pervading anti-migrant wave)…

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