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To Those Who Have Long Been In City Pent

Those, who are frustrated with fast urban lifestyle, dream to spend the later part of their lives with near and dear ones in a remote place. The Greek Island of Antikythera (or Anticythera), lying between Crete and Peloponnese on the edge of the Aegean Sea, will be an ideal place for them!
A flight will take just 45 minutes to reach the island from Athens. Antikythera currently has only 24 residents. However, the Government of Greece is trying to lure more… so, it has decided to invite foreign nationals to settle on the island. Athens recently announced that people, who would like to permanently settle in Antikythera, would receive all sorts of support from the Government. The Greek Government believes that the move will not only help increase the population of the island, but will also boost the National Economy

Antikythera Island.jpg
Antikythera Island

The successful applicants would be getting a house with a plot of land from the Government, apart from receiving a financial assistance of EUR 500 (or about GBP 450) per month, to live on for the first three years! The applicants would further receive food for free.
However, couples – with at least three children – would get priority! A senior Greek official has said that the Local Council appealed specifically to families with young children in an attempt to lower the average age of its population. According to the official, the first set of new settlers, who reached the island in September 2018, brought three children to Antikythera, prompting the only school on the island to reopen after a gap of 24 years!


Although the local people have electricity and Internet connections, (still) there is no ATM on Antikythera Island. Also, there are very few shops. The concerned authorities in Greece believe that the problem will be solved with the increase in population, as the number of shops will increase with the demand.
The Slogan to like-minded people, naturally, should be Come! Let us travel to Antikythera Island, eight square miles of loveliness, in search of a Peaceful Life!

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