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Category: Greece

The Not-So-Young Turks…

Turkey had failed to become a member of the European Union (EU) even after moving its capital from Istanbul to Ankara way back in 1923. Perhaps, the European leaders rightly […]

Evolution & Atavism?

After Hagia Sophia, it is Chora or Kariye Museum… Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is expressly sticking to his decision to converting former Greek Orthodox churches to Mosques, one after […]


It is widely believed that King Midas had ruled over an area around modern-day Turkey in ancient times. According to Greek mythology, he could turn everything to gold with his […]

A Lively Island

Ikaria, a small island in Greece, covers 254 sqkm of area. Something has happened in the lives of the people there, so that they have started forgetting the Death! In […]

Myth & Reality

Hippolytus, the illegitimate son of the Athenian hero and King Theseus and either Antiope or the Amazon Queen Hippolyta, was a tragic hero in Greek mythology... misfortune or bad luck had been his trusted friend since birth. Many fell in love with this handsome and intelligent person, and they ruined his life. Even, Phaedra, the second wife of Theseus, tried to seduce Hippolytus, but he did not pay heed to her advances. The Greek drama Hippolytus has quite a lot of of similarities with the contemporary dark period.

Zeroing In…

The year 876 AD… Mihira Bhoja or Bhoja I – the sixth ruler of the Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty in India – succeeded his father Ramabhadra after adopting the title ‘Adivaraha‘. Immediately […]


Human beings first learnt to write approximately 10,000 years ago… Nowadays, most of the world’s languages use transliteration, which is popularly known as alphabets. Almost everything can be written with […]

Meetings On The Sidelines

With Turkey backing Pakistan’s aggressive stand on the Kashmir issue, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a three-way meeting on the sidelines of the recently concluded UN General Assembly in New […]