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The Laws & Nature!

Whether the rooster call in the morning is ‘disturbance‘ or a ‘tradition’… France is yet to make a decision over it! Maurice, whose crow has triggered this debate, is a resident rooster of Saint-Pierre-d’Oléron, the principle city on an island off France’s western coast. Maurice, the rooster, recently prompted a couple to wake up by loudly welcoming the Sun early in the morning! The couple moved the local court, urging the judiciary to order Maurice to leave the place as early as possible. They informed the court that the rooster makes an excessive amount of noise, and wakes them up early in the morning!
However, Maurice’s proprietor has claimed that roosters should have the right to enjoy their ‘Freedom of Speech’! She has also collected thousands of signatures in support of her claim. They have argued that the ‘sound‘ and ‘scent‘ of rural life are the tradition of France. They further argued that the concerned authorities should protect the national tradition, and the outsiders (mainly tourists from urban areas) should not launch attacks on the tradition! It, now, seems that the claim is not that absurd


In the past, the concerned authorities had forced a couple, living in another French village, to fill up a pond after some frogs had created troubles for tourists… again, in a third village, visitors from urban France strongly criticised the Church authorities for ringing the bell at 7am! These complaints have irked the Mayor of a small French town, who said that the people would soon raise objections against the ‘noise’ created by sea birds, or wind! The Mayor made it clear that rural people should not change their habits for the sake of urban tourists, who often visit rural areas to enjoy the beauty of nature!


It is not that the beauty, sound, smell, taste and touch – experienced by a person with five senses in her/his surroundings – are part of the tradition! However, we should conserve those feelings, which have become parts of the collective feelings of a Nation, and even of an ‘Identity‘! Hence, it is necessary for All to prepare a List of Tradition!
The rooster call has raised another important issue: the Relation between Human Beings and Mother Nature! Men believe that this relation is somewhat similar to the relation between a master and his servant. Men expect that Nature would always fulfil human needs despite being abused (by human beings)! Just like tourists, the entire human race blames the nature for creating troubles for men, on a regular basis. So, Men decide to cut trees, fill up ponds and destroy mountains! In such a situation, it is really surprising that the concerned authorities in France is hesitating to take actions against a rooster, who reportedly makes an excessive amount of noise and wakes the people up early in the morning… should Maurice be punished!

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