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Mystery Of Enmity & History…

Humanity knows the greatness of the light streaming from the dark fountainhead… the Global Community saw such a light a couple of days back! Where the relationship has entirely been shrouded in belligerence, an earnest effort towards amity and fraternity has been attempted there. As expected, this attempt has attracted the global attention! The US and North Korea have exhibited a light of hope, once again…
US President Donald Trump and North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un held another meeting on June 30… this time, in North Korea! President Trump arrived in the Demilitarised Zone from the South Korean side, as the two men shook hands at the demarcation line between North and South Korea, with Kim stating that he had never expected to meet the US President at this place! President Trump, then, crossed over to North Korea. Later, Kim stepped over into the South with the US President and greeted South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who was waiting on the other side of the border. Thereafter, President Trump and Kim once again crossed over to North Korea, exchanged pleasantries and reached the meeting room, together! With this, a historic moment was created!

President Donald.jpg
President Trump meets North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at the border village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone on June 30.

The meeting between the leaders of these two ‘belligerent’ Nations in such a warm atmosphere cannot be considered as a minor event, especially in the context of current Global Geopolitics. Even from the (so-called) neutral perspective, it was a huge diplomatic step. Whatever might be the impact, President Trump’s diplomacy towards North Korea would have to be mentioned in History…
The world knows the decades-old ‘bitter’ ties between Washington and Pyongyang. The two leaders met in Singapore and also in Vietnam in recent past, although their second meeting in Hanoi in February collapsed without an agreement. Later, President Trump and Kim traded barbs against each other! Therefore, no one expects that the latest meeting will resolve all the outstanding bilateral issues. However, it is difficult to deny the fact that the third meeting between President Trump and Kim will be one of the milestones in World History!

Crossing the border.jpg
Crossing the Border

It is to be noted that Trump has become the first sitting US President to visit North Korea. The two leaders reportedly agreed to resolve the ‘North Korea Nuclear Crisis’ through peaceful negotiations. After their meeting, Kim told the press: “This has a lot of significance because it means that we want to bring an end to the unpleasant past and try to create a new future. So, it’s a very courageous and determined act.” For his part, President Trump said: “Stepping across that line was a great honour. A lot of progress has been made, a lot of friendships have been made, and this has been in particular a great friendship. I would invite him (Kim) right now, to the White House…


The Global Community ardently hopes that President Trump and Kim will be able to rewrite History in the coming years!

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