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A Different Union!

The number of roaming citizens in the European Union (EU) as on date is around 10.7 million… The term roaming citizens is referred to those, who live in other European countries, instead of their homelands! Even if we don’t consider 3.7 million of such people living in Britain, the number has doubled in Europe in the last decade, and 4% of them have left their countries in search for jobs!
Experts believe that the recent change in (European) geopolitics is responsible for the increase in the movement of the people in the continent. In fact, many citizens of the EU member-countries have simplified the issue by changing their residences, without registering their names in those adopted countries! One of the main reasons behind it is the unusually lengthy administrative process. As usual, the administrative delay triggers a new crisis. It becomes impossible for many countries to take care of the unregistered population! Therefore, this huge number of roaming citizens have no political voice

The EU

It is to be noted that the number of roaming citizens is greater than the total population of Belgium or the Netherlands. In case these people have the right to represent, they could have sent 26 members to the European Parliament!
Seemingly, 4% is not a huge figure. However, it is not an insignificant figure, as far as the history of Europe is concerned… because Nationalism has always played an important role in the ‘Whites’ Own Continent’! In such a place, it’s unbelievable that two million people cross borders every day! According to sociologists, a new society is developing in Europe, which no one has ever seen before!


Now, what is the reason behind this new trend?
Primarily, job-uncertainty and the ongoing economic crisis prompt people to leave their homelands… many people cross the border even to get low-profile jobs in foreign countries. Secondly, free movements and open borders… many examples may be cited about this, such as a Romanian Uber driver in Belgium with a Spanish driving licence, or a Greek doctor, with a medical degree from an Italian University, working at a German hospital, or a Bulgarian fruit-seller in Britain who has a Moldovan wife. Still, this huge population of 28 countries belong to those countries, and cannot become the citizens of Europe! Unfortunately, the continent is yet to recognise those who are European by heart… they are the real Europeans in a true sense!
The Internet has shaped the modern world in its own way. We have become global citizens because of the global trade and changing geopolitics. Europe, which has made this possible, has been seen ignoring the reality. As an obvious result, the Euro-citizens have been denied a proper platform! The EU, which could have been a perfect example of cultural exchange and liberal ideas, exists as a mere regional bloc.


The Euro-citizens claim that the European Parliament has become a place of discussions on the domestic crisis of various countries, instead of being the voice of the continent! Now, the most important question is: in spite of the existence of such a group, why have the citizens or politicians, living in a particular country, been assigned to take care of the entire Europe? It seems that the Europeans are not interested in breaking the stereotype, and hence, only, the citizens of Europe can provide a better answer to it…

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