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A Tolerable Tremor?

The video has triggered more than a ripple throughout the globe, after it went viral on the Internet! Vicariously experiencing such a site was not uncommon in the past… however, the horrifying video, shared by Beebagr Baloch – a Free Balochistan Movement activist – on Twitter, can definitely be considered as more than sensational! The video depicts the Pakistani Army brutally killing an unarmed Baloch man after dragging him out of his residence in Balochistan. When Talibans or ISIS militants reportedly commit such an action, then it has a different intonation… but when the Armed Forces of a democratic country spray an unarmed person with bullets, then such act has a quite different and horrific meaning!
It is to be noted that such things have happened with the Baloch people many a times in recent past, as if the Baloch people are born to face this fate. The global community has started to believe that it’s not possible for the people living in this Pakistani province to protect their near and dear ones. The international community is still unaware of the brutal killings of innocent people in Balochistan… and the tragedy lies here! Usually, issues of the Taliban and Kashmir tend to dominate discussions on Pakistan. However, no one is bothered about the atrocities committed by the Pakistani Armed Forces in Balochistan because of lack of evidences, perhaps!

The chilling murder caught on cam

India can be considered to be an exception, as New Delhi has expressed serious concern over these atrocious activities of the Armed Forces in the largest province (in terms of land area) of Pakistan. However, the people of Pakistan and other countries in the region consider India’s stand on Balochistan just as an issue to score some (diplomatic) points, keeping in mind the belligerent relations between the two South Asian neighbours. Neighbours also believe that what Pakistan is doing in Balochistan, India is doing in Kashmir! In the last two decades, Balochistan has become an invisible point of a rectangle in the political-diplomatic triangle of India, Pakistan and Kashmir. Therefore, it’s quite obvious that the global community CANNOT see what has been going on in the south-western province of Pakistan.

Whenever the international human rights organisations slammed Islamabad for systematically torturing the Baloch people in the past, the Pakistani government, reportedly, had accused them of making false allegations! It seems that only the people of Bangladesh (the erstwhile East Pakistan) feel the pain of Baloch people, as they had experienced somewhat the same in 1947-71.

Foreign interference in an internal issue of a sovereign state is always considered unjust and condemnable … however, none can guarantee that a country would easily resolve its internal issue(s) in the absence of foreign interference… Syria is perhaps the fine example here…
It has become crucial for the international community to consider whether it could indirectly (as direct intervention is not possible!) help Pakistan resolve its internal crisis…

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