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Mental Meliorism

Well, now it does not matter who I am, or how I have been (my present condition), or even where from I belong… even, what the other people are thinking about me and what they are talking about me, be it in my presence or absence. I am, typically, ‘I just don’t care’ in my attitude, and I think that I am quite a level-headed being, who always strives to make seemingly impossible tasks possible, and move forward in the walk of life. The attitude may have its obvious flaws, but again – I just don’t care…
By the way, who – on earth – will be able to decide what is absolutely right, and what is fully wrong? The fact remains sacrosanct that I am the dictator of my own self, when it comes to taking effective decisions… whatever rules my mind, during the process of decision-making, has the final shot, simply because at that time the term ‘I‘ plays the supreme authority.

Most of us are acquainted with a phrase in colloquial Hindi “bhar mey jaye (go to hell)”. By the way, who would know the Future thoroughly? What is present is present and we have to accept that as it is and the onus lies on us to enjoy it in a manner that would befit the prevailing circumstances… and try to be contented with it.
It is also true that I can nod my head in both directions in case of arguments… but, that is only a possibility, ’cause I am very intelligent, smart and of course clever… that’s what I believe. I am the master of my senses… And, what about you? Well, that IS NOT possible… as I can judge you better than any other educated person. I can use vulgar language effortlessly, while smiling like an angel, can speak like a fool, although I can also think rationally. Hey, can you do things on the same lines? Never ever make the mistake of mentioning that I am worthless… can’t people see how I have been monitoring my so called… business and have established myself as a successful person?

And, there is nothing called designation in my dictionary, as I create my own standards. I think that people form just a good-for-nothing bunch… Kindly refrain from talking about educational qualification in front of me… What is the meaning of education? A look at me would show that I am the piper of a hell lot of wrong things (as one would generally think)… That’s because I have slowly applied poison on you…
Hence, nod your head with me. It is not a mythical tale… this is the fact! And it is so because many have decided to stay with me, and give me a chance to lead them… They have also allowed me to smirk, even laugh heartily!

During my childhood, I used to snatch things away from others, used abusive language while expressing my anger… Still, I don’t know what is right and what is wrong. In fact, I have never tried to know that. As a result, I believe what I think is right. You may be very intelligent, gentle and honest. On the other hand, Me, Too, is of course gorgeous, obviously having a better knowledge base than others. Imagine, I can influence you and your life… despite all these, I am so simple…
In our day-to-day walks of life, we have to be like swans, so that we can separate milk from water, and drink only milk. We have to appreciate the beautiful and deprecate the ugly (though it is, once again, a relative concept). Also, we should remember the fact that we have succeeded in creating this world and it’s our duty to make this world beautiful…

Thoughtful thought processes and needful actions in this issue would surely help us become good persons!

Boundless Ocean of Politics has received this article from Tuli Bardhan, a Kolkata-based entrepreneur.

Tuli Bardhan

Tuli Bardhan is a Kolkata-based Entrepreneur, Educationalist, Mentor (in Meditational Nuances) and a Stress Management Consultant. She has served as a Software Analyst almost for two decades in the IT industry. Tuli is much interested in Reading, Current Affairs and Knowledge-based Writing. An extrovert and Nature Lover genuinely appreciating works of Art, Tuli also learned Kathak from the Lukhnow Gharana.

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