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An (Ass)ignment To (Ass)ist

Pakistan has been experiencing a steady decline in its foreign exchange reserves. There is also a marked increase in its debt burden…
Pakistan had accepted China’s loan offer of USD 42.5 billion earlier in February in order to get rid of the crisis (rather an impending doom). In return, the South Asian nation is supposed to export donkeys to its ‘all-weather ally’!

A senior Pakistani official has admitted that the ongoing economic crisis in the country prompted the Imran Khan government to make such a decision. He claimed that Pakistan has the third largest donkey population in the world (while China stands at number one!), with more than five million of these animals. On the other hand, donkeys are highly prized in China, mainly for their hide that is used to manufacture traditional Chinese medicines. The Chinese people believe that Gelatin – made from donkey skin – has medicinal properties as it nourishes the blood and enhances the immune system. The official expressed hope that Pakistan could earn millions from the trade in the coming years.

Meanwhile, a top official at the Livestock Department in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province has confirmed that the Chinese companies agreed to invest USD 3 billion in donkey farming there. He also said that the concerned authorities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would set up donkey farms in near future. It is to be noted that two donkey farms have already been set up in Dera Ismail Khan and Mansehra with foreign collaboration. The Pak government has revealed that around 80,000 donkeys would be exported to China in the next three years.

It seems that it would be the donkeys, who would be braying life-breath in order to stabilise the Pak economy!

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