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Performance In A Different Pitch

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi was not Pakistan’s Prime Minister a few months ago. At that time, he was the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party and one of the leading contenders for the PM’s post. Speaking at election rallies, Imran had said that he wanted to build a ‘new’ Pakistan! Later, the PTI emerged as the single largest party in the National Assembly and Imran became the PM. However, a section of the media reported that it was a controversial General Election as the powerful Pak Army openly backed Imran’s party and helped it rig the polls. Despite all these, the cricketer-turned-politician became the prime minister on August 18. In the last two-and-half months, the global community has got a clear picture of Imran’s ‘new Pakistan’. The people have realised that Imran is no more interested in fulfilling the promises he made to the people of Pakistan.
In the past, Imran was popularly known as an Oxford alumnus, a stylish all-rounder and a global citizen. He was also considered as a representative of the most progressive section of the society. So, many used to believe that he would never compromise for the sake of politics, and his social status and education would influence his performance as the PM. The people should thank Imran for not playing with their faith for long. He has made clear to the world that he wouldn’t keep his promises.

Imran Khan

Recently, a Christian woman – acquitted after eight years on death row in Pakistan for blasphemy – has been released by the Supreme Court (SC). However, her whereabouts in Islamabad still remained a closely guarded secret in the wake of demands by radical Islamists that she be publicly executed. Various extremists and militant organisations started staging protests against the SC verdict in different parts of Pakistan. Even, the lawyer – who represented the Christian woman in the SC – fled to the Netherlands over fears for his life. To please the protesters, the Imran Khan government promised that a court would review a motion to challenge the acquittal and deny the lady permission to leave the country. Critics immediately accused Imran, who came to power riding in part on an Islamist agenda, of capitulating to the radicals. What could be more shameful…

Supporters of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan, a hard-line outfit

It’s unfortunate that a person, like Imran, has decided to please the extremists and to ignore the progressive public opinion! He did not hesitate to prove himself a liar for the sake of political power. He is not at all worried about the critics. Perhaps, he is making a mistake. Extremism or radicalism cannot be subsided through indulgence. Instead, indulgence encourages extremists to become peevish. Imran should have sent a strong message to the extremists by backing the SC verdict. However, he compromised with the hardliners and proved that he was helpless.

The charismatic leader might have thought that the compromise would increase his popularity. He failed to realise that the hardliners would try to take the full control of Pakistan in the coming days. The PM is endangering not only himself, but the entire Pakistan. It’s not a good sign for the South Asian nation…

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