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Cypriot Yggdrasil?

A seed from a fruit in his stomach grew into a tree!
Believe it or not! The fig tree has helped the concerned authorities in Cyprus resolve a crime committed four decades ago.
1974…… The Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots were involved in an armed conflict that claimed the life of Ahmet Hergune. However, his body remained undiscovered for 44 years. Recently, the reason for his death has been revealed by the investigators.
Reports suggest that around 200,000 people were displaced in the conflict in Cyprus. Later, thousands of people went missing and Hergune was one of them. And now, the fig tree has allowed the investigators to find out the truth.

Remains and samples which were found at the scene where Ahmet Hergune was killed (Image: CEN)

A researcher had discovered the tree in 2011. He was surprised to see the tree in the cave of a mountain, as figs are not commonly seen in hilly regions. He started digging around the tree and found a human body underneath. On digging further, the police recovered a total of three bodies. Experts are of the opinion that Hergune consumed figs ahead of his death. And the seed lying inside the stomach of the dead body gave birth to the tree.
After studying history, the researchers came to know that the dead man, along with two others, had been taken into a cave and all of them had been killed by dynamite that was then hurled at them. The dynamite also blew a hole in the side of the cave, allowing sunlight to flood into the darkened interior, which in turn, allowed the fig tree to grow from the man’s body.

The area where the man’s remains were dug up (Image: CEN)

Another team of researchers has confirmed that it was Hergune’s body. In fact, 2,002 people disappeared on the Mediterranean island between 1963 and 1974. Following an agreement between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities under the auspices of the UN in 1981, the government of Cyprus formed the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus (CMP) in order to search those people. Later, the Committee prepared a list of missing people after collecting various information and DNA samples from their relatives. The list has helped the researchers identify Hergune’s mortal.
His sister Munur Herguner (87) told the media: “We used to live in a village with a population of 4,000, half Greek, half Turkish. In 1974, the disturbances began. My brother joined the Turkish Resistance Organisation (TMT). On June 10, the Greeks took him away. For years, we searched for my brother in vain.

Ahmet Hergune

She said it was surprising that the grave had ended up being marked by the fig tree that grew from the seed in her brother’s stomach. Meanwhile, she admitted that her brother used to eat figs. Even the blood samples from her family matched DNA fragments that confirmed the cave was her brother’s final resting place.
Meanwhile, a section of people believes that this story is false!
The most important question is: Can a seed in a dead person’s stomach really grow into a fruit-bearing tree? Jay Noller – a professor of soil science at Oregon State University, who has spent time in Cyprus – replied: “Yes… Seeds can emerge from animals, so I can well imagine they could emerge out of a human.” He further said: “A seed doesn’t have to come from a dead person’s stomach; it could also grow out of any part of a dead person’s digestive tract, such as the small or large intestine.

Although Noller has accepted the fact that seeds could flourish alongside decomposing bodies, others are of the opinion that the CMP, which reunites families with the remains of individuals who went missing during the 1963-64 and 1974 conflicts in Cyprus, came to know in 2006 that three deceased people were buried in a cave by the sea and there was no dynamite blast near the cave. Even the Cyprus Mail reported that there was a fig tree growing in the cave, but it was not growing out of any of the human remains. “Perhaps to help them deal with the death of their loved one, some members of Hergune’s family began saying that the fig tree had grown out of his body,” said the daily.
May be, it’s a Yggdrasil growing in the cave!

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