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Time Travel Theory Sparked

Can one really travel from the present to the past or the future using time as a medium? Science and technology are still searching for answers to this. Often, we find evidences of time travel, which is beyond the scientific explanation. Such an incident was recently seen in California. An ancient Greek statue, named ‘Grave Nikes of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant‘, was on display at the Zeppelin Jetty Museum in Malibu. The statue of a female figure is said to date back to 100 BC.

Visitors were surprised to see the structure of the ancient statue, as a female figure was seen holding a laptop, there. Carving a laptop in the ancient statue has reminded visitors of the time travel theory.

The 37-inch tall statue depicts a female figure sitting on a throne-like chair. Meanwhile, her maid servant is depicted there opening the lid of a thin box in front of the lady, who is carefully observing the box. There are also two small holes carved into the side of the box at the bottom. At a glance, it seems that the lady is watching something on the laptop screen, and the two holes look like USB ports.

Many have presented counter-arguments in this context, saying that it is a jewellery box. Hence, the lady is observing the box very attentively. They argued that it was not possible for a sculptor to get an idea of a laptop 2,000 years ago. Others have also jokingly compared the thin box-like object to a pizza box.

A Laptop in such an old form is surprising, indeed. Interestingly, nothing has happened to the laptop (or the statue) in the past 2,000 years.

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