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Not A Boon For The Elderly

The COVID situation in China, as per reports, hardly shows any sign of improvement, as a large number of people are getting infected with the virus, on a daily basis. So far, the virus has claimed thousands of lives. The local media recently reported that the situation has prompted many elderly people to commit suicide due to fear of infection, especially in rural China. As COVID-19 has hit hard in rural areas, quite a few hospitals have formally shut down their operation abruptly, mainly because of paucity of medicines.

The Chinese media have also reported that rural areas have been devastated by Coronavirus, as people have been seen struggling a lot to getting basic medical services. Many have perished without minimal treatment, while others have started committing suicide. In comparison, the situation is said to be much better in major cities.

Rural hospitals are basically facing a dearth of medical supplies. Hence, the infected people are not receiving proper treatment. Even, those patients are not having access to the requisite medicines. Unavailability of adequate medical equipment and medicines has forced the local administration to shut down some rural hospitals.

Watch: COVID surge in China a global concern

Meanwhile, Beijing has stopped publishing the daily statistics of COVID situation in face of widespread criticism at the international level. There is no official information about the number of infected people, and deaths occurring due to spread of COVID-19. However, one can get an idea about the situation in China from the scenario reported in the rural areas.

The COVID Policy of Beijing has been repeatedly criticised by the Chinese people and the global community. In 2022, the Government of China adopted a Zero COVID Policy to deal with the spread of the virus, imposing strict lockdown, and other similar restrictions across the country. Later, the Government relaxed the Policy. Although experts have backed the Government’s decision, the common people have expressed serious concern over the easing of restrictions. Now, they are facing the music.

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