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A Viral Demonic Demonstration

Veiled and wielding swords, young girls are practising how to behead a person! The notorious Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) in Pakistan imparts beheading training to girls. A video clip of this training has triggered an uproar in South Asia.

Those who will disrespect the Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (PBUH) shall be beheaded. With this message, the young girls are being trained in beheading. The video clip, which has gone viral on the internet (since its first sight in 2021), shows a burqa-clad teacher demonstrating to young girls how to hold and use a sword to behead people, inside the mosque. Those girls have also been seen shouting slogans with swords in their hands during the training session.

The training session

According to sources close to the mosque authorities, the only punishment for insulting the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is decapitation. This is what girls in Pakistan are being taught. Different sections of people are shocked to see this kind of training. Meanwhile, Social Analyst Amina Begam Ansari has expressed serious concern over the incident, saying: “In Islam, blasphemy is a subject of intellectual discussion rather than a subject of physical punishment. We have to totally remove this kind of teaching from our community.

Ansari explained: “We see the form of blasphemy where we literally, read, listen to and discuss how there should be a physical punishment for it, which is a root cause and which has to be discussed as a community and condemned.” Commenting on Politicisation of Islam, she stressed: “I think this is not only threatening and dangerous for India, but also for the Indian Muslims. What it will do to our next generation is that they will become foot soldiers for such an idea and commit a heinous crime which will only add up falling into the fault line.” The analyst further said: “We should look at the whole picture where we should discuss the root cause and how it gets politicised for the bigger agenda without that we won’t be able to find a solution.

Watch: Religious school in Pakistan teaches children how to behead people

It may be noted that Nupur Sharma, a leader of Bharatiya Janata Party (the ruling party of India), recently triggered a controversy by making a comment about the Prophet (PBUH). Her controversial comments disturbed the global community, as several countries, including Iran, Qatar and the UAE, condemned Sharma’s comments. The Indian politician even alleged that she started receiving threats from different persons. In this context, the beheading training of young girls in Pakistan is worrisome.

Analysts are of the opinion that such training could inspire the next generation to commit heinous offences.

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