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Discovered In Jungles Of Amazon

Researchers recently discovered an ancient city that was hidden inside the deep jungles of the Amazon for years. They have claimed that they successfully discovered the city with the help of sophisticated technology, called Laser in the Sky. This technology is used to determine shapes and structures at different parts in the dense tropical forest. It involves surveying the terrain from the sky with a laser scanner, attached to a helicopter or a small aircraft or a drone. The laser scanning helps capture a digital model of the terrain on a computer screen. Sky lasers are show laser systems used outdoor to make a certain point visible and exposed from a long distance. The term sky laser or skylaser or sky beam laser is mainly used in Europe and the US, whereas the term landmark laser is more common in Asian countries.


The ancient city is located near the jungles of the Llanos de Mojos inside the Bolivian Amazonia. According to researchers, the city was built between 500 and 1400 AD most probably by the local Casarabe community. The images, captured through the Laser in the Sky technology, show some of the most elaborate and intricate structures in the dense jungle. Also, the roof of a structure, built on a 54-acre land, is 16ft high. A 69ft-tall pyramid has also been found next to the structure, which can easily accommodate 30 football grounds. Meanwhile, an international team of researchers from the US and Germany have found a wide reservoir and several small structures within a few miles of the ancient city.

The Lost City

This discovery has changed all the old ideas about the communities who used to live in the Amazon 1,500 years ago. Researchers are of the opinion that although those people used to live in jungles, they were way ahead of their time. Hence, an urban civilisation was developed around this newly discovered ancient city. The basic structure of this city suggests that the people, belonging to this civilisation, were quite skilled in architecture. As a result, they had built the city with a proper plan.

Till the end of the 20th Century, researchers thought that the inhabitants of the Amazon region were predominantly hunting tribes, and that they were unable to establish permanent settlements due to flooding at Mojos Plateau in the southwestern tip of the Amazon region for several months (every year). Interestingly, the recent discovery in Savanna grasslands has changed the previous concept about the ancient local tribes. Researchers believe the hidden city was surrounded by a wall.

Researchers had failed to discover this ancient city in the past because of the density of forests and multiple high mounds in the Bolivian Amazonia. They have used wind-powered laser technology in a rare first to learn more about the Amazon forest, this time. And, the laser technology has captured the real images of the ancient city.

Meanwhile, researchers have stressed that it is not yet possible to estimate the exact population of this city. They have initially claimed that the area might have been densely populated. Why the residents had left the city is also subject to further research.

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