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A Doodle-Filled Blackboard

Are there actually multiple versions of the universe, with more lives? Why did Stephen William Hawking (January 8, 1942 – March 14, 2018) paint a man from Mars with random beard, and what did he mean by it? Why did he put the adjective stupid or weird before the word symmetry or equilibrium? Why did he draw a strange snail-like creature climbing on a brick wall? What questions did the English theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author have in his mind, about the eternal universe and the diversity of countless lives? What did he want to strive that he could not?

Queries of these sort get the minds of the people fogged, most of the time. It seems that Stephen Hawking wanted to unravel some of the mysteries of the universe with endless mathematical equations. Forty-two years ago, the physicist had sketched a few imaginary forms at random, written many complex equations, and words wrapped in mystery on a huge blackboard. Now, the next generation of scientists are trying hard to solve those mysteries. The University of Cambridge has hinted that suitable answers to Hawking’s unsolved mysteries might be available at any point of time. In a statement issued in the third week of February 2022, the University Authorities stressed that scientists might soon resolve the four-decade-old mysteries hidden in Hawking’s doodle-filled blackboard.

The doodle-filled blackboard

A four-month exhibition of the contents, kept at his office room in the University of Cambridge, began at the Science Museum of London on February 10. The items include Hawking’s huge blackboard, wrapped in a complex mystery for 42 years; as visitors enjoy the opportunity to see it in a rare first. His doctoral dissertation paper, too, is on display in which he had mentioned that the universe was rapidly expanding. The exhibition would run until June 2022, and then all the items would be taken to other museums in the UK.

Hawking left this world four years ago… on March 14, 2018. One of his important predictions was: Light can come out from the giant swallow of Black Hole. If the scientists are able to find an effective solution to the mysteries of the unfinished mathematical equations written by Hawking on his blackboard, then it might be possible to reveal much unknown information about the universe.

Hawking’s wheelchair is also on display

The two competing branches of Physics are the Theory of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Since his student days, Hawking had been trying to bridge the gap between these two. He used to believe till his final days that Albert Einstein‘s concepts of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics (which were considered spooky by the German-born theoretical physicist) could only resolve all the mysteries of the universe, if one could harmonise the two subjects. Then only, it would be possible to know exactly how the universe was created about 14,000 million years ago, what happened after that one after another, what would be the fate of the universe, whether a new universe would be created in future or whether there are more universes.

Later, Hawking successfully attempted to explain all these theories in his 2014 publication The Theory of Everything. In this book, he made a serious attempt to bring the seemingly contradictory laws of this universe to a single point. In fact, seven lectures by Hawking have been compiled into this publication, explaining the complex problems of mathematics and the question that has gripped everyone all for centuries, the Theory of Existence. He described every detail about the beginning of the universe. He was of the opinion that a theory could state the initiation of everything, from ideologies about the universe by Aristotle, Augustine, Hubble, Newton and Einstein to the concepts of Black Holes and Big Bang. All these events and individual theories might be strung together to create a Theory of the Origin of Everything, although their origins might not necessarily be from a singular event. The brilliant theoretical physicist advocated the idea of a multi-dimensional origin with a no-boundary condition to remain true to the Theories of Modern Physics and Quantum Physics.

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